Slow Days of Summer

Today’s Slow Days of Summer post and video takes you along with me for a day of gardening, baking, harvesting, and preparing our summer meals.

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The Summer Garden

This morning I have some time to be in the garden. I am going to be planting some new herbs and filling in bare spots around the garden. At the garden center, I found a pretty pot and I thought I’d grab another rosemary plant. Now I love rosemary so much and for whatever reason, it doesn’t seem to like me, but I still keep trying.

garden herbs to plant in the slow days of summer

Being in California, we can grow a good variety of vegetables. So far I love herbs, flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash the most. I do add in a few eggplants and potatoes when I have room. But so far those are the primary things I like to grow.

I have only been gardening for about 3 years and so far each year the garden has been very different. As each season goes my plans seem to change as the garden does. I might have abundance one day and then the next a dead plant to pull out.

But even on the frustrating days, I love to be in my garden. It’s the calmest space in the house if this counts as part of the house. It seems like no matter what sort of day I am having, coming out here lifts my mood.

On The Menu

I spent much of the morning in the garden and its time to make some lunch. For today we are having a simple salad and a charcuterie-style board to pick at. As you might know, I try not to use my stove on hot days during the summer whenever I can.

My kitchen is somewhat small and can get pretty hot mid-day when cooking and these boards are great for that.

charcuterie board on a table for an easy lunch during the slow days of summer

Blog Work

Now that I am all cleaned up from the garden, lunch is done, and put away, I have some work to do. I am working on a new recipe for the blog which I should be able to share with you in the coming weeks. It is for an Orange Yogurt Cake. When I create recipes I have to test them several times to make sure I have all the measurements right. I am hoping I am making this for the final time before being able to share it.

lady holding a cake

It came out exactly as I had hoped nice and moist with the perfect amount of orange flavor. So look out for the recipe for this cake in the coming weeks. It really does make a perfect light dessert or a cake for afternoon tea.

Dinner Plans

Back out to the garden to grab some things for dinner. I am going to be making fish and salad for tonight. This is definately my favorite part of gardening coming out here to grab things for meals. I am going to grab some tomatoes, I have some cucumbers and a little kale to throw in there.

slow days of summer with veggies from the garden

To go with our fish and salad, I am going to make some Crispy Oven Fries which I will share with you below. They make the perfect crisp french fries without having to fry anything.

For the fish, I use several cloves of garlic that I infuse into a bowl of olive oil. I like to slice lemons stuff them in the fish with the garlic, salt, and pepper then pop the fish into the oven to roast for about 25 minutes or so.

My daughter always asks me to buy the fish with the head still on, it is something I have had to get used to cooking but I find it’s quite easy to do. I think I mostly had to get over the fact that it still has its head still on.

Tonight we have a bit of a breeze outside and I thought it would be nice to eat outside. So I am going to set the table with a few flowers and a crisp white table cloth to get the feeling that we are at an ocean-side restaurant at home.

“Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy.”

Joseph Campbell
a table set outside for dinner and the slow days of summer

Thank you so much for joining me today for a Slow Days of Summer day here.

Until next time.

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