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Leading a Simple Life

Today’s Leading a Simple Life post discusses simple living and offers a peek into what a day looks like in my simple lifestyle.

Leading a simple lifestyle might look a bit different for everyone. For us, it is living on a small homestead and enjoying a home-based lifestyle. We school from home, eat most of our meals here, work from this space, and live out much of our days right here together. That’s not to say we don’t leave from time to time but rather to note how important home can be in this lifestyle. But whether you live on a homestead or an apartment in the city. I believe a simple lifestyle is for anyone who seeks it.

Elements of a Simple Lifestyle

At its core, it is the ability to live within our means and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. Doing so can lessen the stress of daily life tremendously and give us more of an opportunity to live in the present moment. The astounding effect of this is a life that is lived more gently.

Often we start to appreciate things like nature, quiet moments, and quality time at home, and we become more content with what we have.

At first glance, these things might seem to be boring for you. Cause let’s face it, as a culture, we like our entertainment. It’s everywhere we look. Things scream out for our attention and it is hard to discern what is deserving of our time and what is not.

Simple Living at a Glance

The message for so many of us has been that a busy life means we are important while not being busy equates to a boring, unfulfilling life. I can tell you that many who seek a simple lifestyle have found the exact opposite to be true. There is nothing quite like spending our days enjoying the details of it.

It seems that since the days of the pandemic. There has been a surge of people seeking out a more meaningful lifestyle and a desire to lead a simpler life right along with it. For others, this lifestyle is not so clear.

You might ask yourself, what exactly does a simple lifestyle look like day to day?

Today I invite you along to share a peek into what our simple life looks like. Sharing in those small moments that I have come to appreciate along with my everyday life and priorities. I hope you enjoy coming along as I endeavor to lead a gentle life.

Enjoy The Video Version

The Days Errands

On this particular day, I had errands to run. With any lifestyle, there will always be errands. Regular things like stopping at the post office and grabbing groceries were the priority for this day. Stocking up on things like milk, produce, and lean meats for dinners. With spring coming, I am cooking a lighter menu these last days of winter.

a dinner table set with plates of salmon

Living a simple life is often more of a home-based lifestyle and that means cooking the majority of our meals. Not only is this healthier but it is much more cost-effective. Stocking up the kitchen is essential and today I shared what a typical grocery run looks like for us in the video if you are interested.

Making Time for Projects

Since moving to our current home, 5 years ago this month, I have been in the habit of making annual batches of Homemade Orange Marmalade. Our property has a large abundant orange tree and with just the two of us, I am never able to use up all the oranges that the tree produces.

I love to spend a day in the kitchen working with my hands. I mix the sweet concoction up in the stock pot and allow it to simmer away as I prepare the jars. The smell of oranges bubbling away fills the kitchen almost immediately.

a pot of marmalade

With the fresh smell of citrus in the air, I decided to make a couple of loaves of this delicious Sliceable White Bread to go along with our sweet golden jars of marmalade. Kneading the dough on the floured dough board and enjoying the quiet as my hands move over the squishy surface.

woman working with dough on a dough board

A peaceful feeling comes through the silence of the room. I can’t help but recall times when I didn’t have the time to do such a thing. Or at least not regularly.

sliced bread on a bread board

Wrapping Up The Day

Every afternoon, I enjoy a cup of tea sometimes two. I enjoy a few minutes of a good book. Sometimes a beautiful coffee table book and others a good read. Right now I am reading “Imagine Heaven” by John Burke. A gift I recently received from my sister. So far it is quite a fascinating and beautiful book to read. This time has become something I look forward to as it is the time between needing to start dinner and after the day’s work.

Final Thoughts

There can be so much said about simple living and indeed if you have ever tried googling the topic you would find, there is. However, a simple lifestyle is no more than a decision to live more contented and find joy in the simple pleasures of everyday living. I hope you have enjoyed coming along for a day in mine.

Until next time,

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