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Slow, Simple Living as a Homemaker

Come along for a day of Slow, Simple Living as a Homemaker, as I give a glimpse into what simple living is, and what a day as a homemaker might look like.

Seeking the Simple Life

Throughout our lives, we go through many seasons of change. Some from age and others from intentional work to improve upon or progress in work or life. Though depending on who you ask, progress looks different for each of us. As do improvements. But even still, I believe that most of us want the same things. For starters a life of joy, peace, and inner harmony.

These things come to us at different times and for some, they never do. A good place to start for any of us is the act of cutting away the noise that so often plagues us. You see, to have peace, we must actively create it. Permitting ourselves to say no to things we don’t want and yes to more of what settles us. We have all heard the concept of simple living or a slow-paced lifestyle.

But where does one even begin? Well if you are like me, I needed to begin by asking myself some hard questions. Like why I truly wanted to have the things I did at the time this all began for me. I also had to take a look at our monthly budget in order for me to simplify our lives. If this is you, I have a great video for you that shares not just my personal story but also some tips for budgeting for a simple life.

Today, I would like to give you a peak into a day of my simple slow-paced lifestyle and encourage you to seek the simple, ordinary things. To learn how to bring your mind into the present moment in what you are doing. So that you can enjoy small bits and moments of joy every day. Furthermore, creating peace within your lives and homes. Learn to seek the quiet, and appreciate the mundane moments of everyday life.

In doing so, life as you know it will become extraordinary.

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The Day Begins

It is another wet rainy day that we will be spending at home. There is no school on the calendar or blog work to be done. Instead, I have some fun projects to do and most importantly, the time to do them.

Each morning no matter what the plan is, I make sure to make my bed. For whatever reason, it helps me feel accomplished for the day. There was a time many years ago that this wasn’t so. Making my bed then was something I rarely did. Whenever a guest came to our home, I would shut my room door, and had anyone opened it, I would feel embarrassed. I believe that this single act sets the tone for the entire day. I know if my bed is not made by a certain point, I am off my game. And the quickest way for me to fix it is to come in here and make the bed.

a white bed made by a homemaker

Breakfast is another ritual. I make our breakfast every morning once we are both dressed and ready for the day. Today we are having avocado toast and hot tea, one of our favorites.

It is nice to be able to enjoy the peacefulness of a quiet house. To slowly step into the day and become present in the ordinary things of life.

This is not so easily done in a loud world that offers constant entertainment and an illusion that life is better lived on the go. Enjoying simple moments each day and being present in them is a habit worth creating.

The sound of a tea kettle boiling, the first cup of tea in a day, the glow of a candle, or a simple meal shared. To notice and find joy in these everyday occurrences offers a heightened experience of life. Where is a life lived most, than in ordinary days?

Projects For The Day

My plants have been needing my attention, I can tell by the way they drupe. After watering them, I took a few cuttings for new plants. Doing this is simple. I am rerooting them in both water and dirt. These will make two new plants for the house.

plants in a sink being watered

I am also out of taper candles and like to make my own when I have time. Hand-dipped beeswax candles are easy to make and perfect for a day like this. It consists of heating wax on the stovetop and creating a small workstation. I dip the tapers until they form in the size I want. Their unique shape and earthy smell are lovely to enjoy on these cold winter days.

hand dipped candles in a jar

Preparing Dinner

No day is complete without a delicious dinner to enjoy. Winter is the best time for one-pot cooking and tonight is no exception. I am making Homestyle Chicken and Dumplings. A recipe that is comforting and simple to make.

a meal made by a homemaker

As we sit down to dinner, we give our thanks to God and end our day with conversation over a meal. Another moment to cherish and a sweet way to end another slow simple living day as a homemaker.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.”

Hans Hoffman

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on this slow simple living day in our home.

Have a great week ahead,

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