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The Garden Walk | How I Keep the Weeds Down

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The Garden Walk is one of the most effective ways to keep the weeds down.

I have been gone but now I am back, but who’s really paying attention anyway? We are all so busy these days. I am back and I am jam packed with ideas to share, recipes to write and posts to upload and I know it will all get done admittedly a bit late on the schedule. But nevertheless, done

My daughter is in her very first  play this week and so it’s been me playing chauffeur, costume designer, and bake sale mom in addition to my other jobs. 

You get my drift. Life does not slow down for the extra things we need to do and I am knee deep in this momlife. What an extraordinary season to be in.

Through the busy times, you may know that I like to calm myself either by cooking or being in the garden. I know I keep saying it on social media but this weather is simply AMAZING and so gardening is winning by a landslide with this sunshine! Oh my. 

Someone hid my credit card because I don’t need any more flowers from the garden center.

 I already bought them all…

garden bed weeded during the garden walk

But let me tell you something my “newbie” gardener self has noticed with this new lack of time. It’s not that horrible to keep a tidy garden! Yes, I am actually saying this. 

 It’s doable in five minutes a day.

tulips on the garden walk

 AND no I didn’t purchase magic beans or drink a large glass of wine before typing this. It’s real.

Let’s call this five minutes, a garden walk.

tulips in the garden on the garden walk

Here’s the thing I have come to realize. As a gardener you pull weeds EVERY. DAY.  Not once a week all day on your Saturday or once a month for an entire weekend.

 I had it all wrong

 I avoided weeding. Cause I hate weeding to be quite honest. I think past posts are proof of such. 

But I  have finally surrendered to it. I have realized It comes with the territory of keeping a garden. 

Don’t underestimate the power of these five minutes either. It’s all I have some days at the moment but my new routine is to walk the gardens with my weed bucket, observing the plants and plucking weeds as I go. 

A few large handfuls isn’t much but when you do this every day for your 5 minute walk about. It actually does add up to a tidier garden.

In fact I look around after that five minutes and my garden has never looked so well kept.

the garden walk with lavendar

Very recently, I received some  sound advice from a wonderful gardener who had been gardening for over thirty years. She said “ don’t exhaust yourself on a project” instead the trick is to work just a bit each day your out there.

Rest and come back, then do more. She went on to say that we get more done this way and it’s more of an enjoyable experience instead of a labor intensive one. 

I have spent many back breaking days huddled over plants, ripping out weeds by hand until I could barely move. 

A garden walk to keep your garden looking its best. Is 5 minutes a day enough?

But I am then rendered useless for the next day and not just for gardening but I am slower at everything else that needs doing.

Margeret you may have something here.

With Margaret’s advice and my lack of time, a new habit has been born. 

The five minute garden walk.

This concept has been adopted into my daily schedule even on those not so busy days.

My garden is finally tidy. Progress is made daily.  And on behalf of my back, sending many thanks to Margeret the wise gardener.. 

Sharing is Caring

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