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A follow up to last weeks “The Art Of Homemaking“, this week I want to touch on Homemaking Skills. I hope you find this series inspiring as you go about your homemaking today.

It is a gloomy fall day and as always homemaking makes up the majority of my day.

The day of any homemaker is likely filled with an endless number of tasks that seem impossible to complete.

It takes great skill to be here. Though at first glance it doesn’t appear so. One might ask, who couldn’t do this job?

It is only a bit of cleaning after all? But any good homemaker worthy of her title will tell you that her skills were developed over time.

That she wasn’t always good at it.

That she likely made many mistakes along the way. With anything you want to do well, you will need to acquire skill. You will need to fail many times. Burning dinners, forgetting to plan them and forgetting the laundry on the line.If you find yourself here, you are not alone. And in time you will get better.

Entering a well kept, comfortable home that is warm and inviting is no accident. Neither is a good meal had here. It is the work of a women who cared enough to acquire skills necessary for her home to be such a place.

In this series I want to highlight these skills in particular that are necessary for success as a homemaker.

My hope is to inspire and encourage you wherever you are at in this journey. Some days will be harder than others.

Dorothy Kelley Patterson writes, “Keeping a home not only requires time, energy and creativity. But it also calls for skills and experience. I believe homemaking is an art, and to pursue the development of any piece of art demands time and talent.”

On days when all things seem to go wrong and they happen for all of us. It may appear that the culprit is failing to multi task properly. However, a word stands out above this idea.


Preparation is defined as something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.

We can’t go into any job unprepared and expect great results can we? It will be the same here.

It can be as simple as taking the meat from the freezer for dinner, knowing what you will make for meals, writing down your tasks for the following day, getting the homeschool table ready early, cleaning the kitchen the night before so it is ready to be used the next morning. Selecting designated days for different areas of deep cleaning. Writing a grocery list. Stocking up on staples.

These are small but significant things done in preparation for the bigger picture.

Often I find that when I fail to prepare, I am almost guaranteed to struggle. So this week I speak to you as well as to myself, let us take time to prepare and conquer the days ahead.

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Pumpkin Spice Cake with Buttercream Icing

pumpkin spice cake with buttercream icing

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