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Today I am discussing the idea of creating traditions and sharing some of my own.

We are knee deep in all the  Christmas goodness at the moment. Christmas music blaring both inside and out in the car. Christmas movies going when it’s not and the baking, lots of baking. It’s so warm and cozy in the house so baking is just too good to pass up am I right??  Although I am not too sure of my pants would agree. But looking around here it gets me to thinking. What is this all for? Why am I such a Christmas fanatic?? I think when it comes right down to it,  it’s the creation of something I longed for as a kid. In the craziest of ways I get to experience childhood through the eyes of my own child. And what a remarkable bit of self therapy this has created for me in my life. 

 I grew up in a chaotic home and we didn’t have a lot of family traditions to speak of. I went back fourth between parents houses most of my childhood. At my moms house the only traditional thing we have did was get a tree that my mom would decorate, which we weren’t allowed to touch. I mean that literally, don’t touch the tree or else! LOL. But truly I do appreciate my mothers tree, it is always a spectacular site.

I work hard to create a home that feels loving and a place that my daughter will forever feel connected to.

I want her to know our traditions. Like the must do’s of the year and have those can’t do without them sort of traditions. The ones that she will do for, God willing, her kids one day. 

Some that have topped the list are hot cocoa in the car looking at Christmas lights during winter break. This was one I know many do and one my father did do for us on years we were with him. I will never forget piling into our old Bronco, squished but excited to see all the lights. As a kid, things like this are magical.

Christmas day we have come up with breakfast out after presents, then heading to the movie theatre.

Aside from Christmas there are the every day sorts of traditions we can create that make life a little more exciting.

The ones you wouldn’t necessarily call “traditions” like our weekly trip to In and Out on Fridays where we eat in the car while we watch our favorite show. Or the many “movie” nights we have at our home on Fridays.

I love to make my daughter’s birthday cake myself.

It feels old fashioned and sweet. Her excitement is so much better than when she was smaller and I would bring home a store bought cake. I am glad this one got switched up, I had it all wrong with those assembly line birthday cakes. She makes her flavor request and to work I go on her homemade cake. Turns out you can make almost any flavor of cake with extracts. Who knew.

creating traditions by baking a cake

The most awesome thing about traditions of any kind is that they don’t have to cost money. Or be some elaborate thing you are forced to do each year.

They are in the small effortless things that bring you so much joy that you feel yourself like a child again. Only this time, you get to experience them with your own children.

Or maybe you are like me, you find yourself the creator of new ones.

Whichever the case may be for you, creating traditions or keeping up the old ones. That you find absolute joy in them. 

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Sharing is Caring

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