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How To Make A Lavender Wreath

Today’s How To Make A Lavender Wreath post is a fun tutorial using fresh or dried lavender to make a beautiful wreath that you can hang anywhere.

lavender wreath on a table

At our city farmhouse, we grow an abundance of lavender. The major reason for this is, it is easy to grow and drought tolerant. What a perfect combo for a gardener in zone 9b. We grow French Lavender to be exact and though there are many uses for lavender, I find my favorite use continues to be the aesthetic one. Its bright purple hues and soft green foliage beautify any area it is placed in.

The fact that lavender also has a sweet earthy scent is a bonus for sure. Today is harvest day and as you can see, we have A LOT to use. The best part of growing lavender is when you harvest, it wakes the plant up to create more. So by cutting, you get more lavender in the long run.

This wreath is the perfect project for a harvest like this and I just so happen to have an old grapevine wreath I made last season that needs a little sprucing up. If you don’t have a grapevine wreath I went ahead and included a link for them in the Shop This Post section below.

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What You Will Need To Make One

pipe cleaner ties


a plain wreath or a base from an old wreath

scissors or garden shears for cutting

items to make a wreath

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Garden Shears

Pipe Cleaners


If you are cutting fresh from a plant, I would recommend cutting the lavender in the morning when the bees are not as active. Cut the amount you will need for the wreath. If ordering lavender for this project I left a link to a great source in the Shop This Post section above.

a basket of lavender

Cut lavender so that the stems are even.

a girl trimming lavender

Bundle them in small but bushy bundles.

child bundling lavender together

Secure with pipe cleaner, making sure to leave the ends even for securing to wreath.

a girl tying a pipe cleaner around a lavender bundle
a pipe cleaner tied around a lavender bundle

Repeat until all lavender is done in bundles of equal buds.

bundles of lavender ready to be placed on the wreath

Moving from top secure a bundle with the end ties of the pipe cleaner.

Next, lay another bundle on the wreath tucking the stem portion underneath the buds of the first secured bundle.

Repeat steps all around the wreath making sure to tuck the stems to conceal them and have only the buds showing.

If needing a hanging hook for your wreath, use a piece of jute twine to secure a loop at the top of the wreath. Hang over your door or a window or mirror for a beautiful natural decorative piece in your home.


  • Be sure to make large enough bundles to hide the pipe cleaners as you tuck them in.
  • You can also hot glue the bundles into place instead of tucking them and tying them with the pipe cleaners.
  • I like creating a wreath that also shows the grapevines as well but you can make this as full or as sparingly as you’d like. That is the fun of DIY projects! You can make them as you like them.
  • Cut lavender evenly so the bundles are neater.
lavender wreath hanging from the door

How to Cut Fresh Lavender

If you are starting to grow lavender or have a plant you’d like to harvest from but haven’t done so before. Not to worry, harvesting lavender is easy. First, you want to be sure not to cut into the woody stem at all. This will only stunt future growth. Start from the bud and go down the stem into the foliage. Cut into the soft green foliage only at the length you want.

Look for bright purple larger buds as these are ready to be harvested. Leave buds that are not quite mature or fully opened. Harvesting your lavender keeps your plant healthy and helps it produce more beautiful lavender buds longer.

Making a Grapevine Wreath

I wanted to mention the grapevine wreath a bit in this post because so many people I know grow or have neighbors that grow grapes. Oftentimes, these grapevines are climbing over our fences and take over whatever area they are in.

Grapevines should be cut back each year so this time of year, it’s a great time to collect the cuttings to make a free and beautiful grapevine wreath. You simply collect several grapevine branches and then make a circle with one. Then take another, and twist it around the first one, and so forth. It is that simple.

The grapevines move well and bend easily. Which makes them perfect for tucking and twisting into place. Continue weaving them together until you have a full wreath to work with. I love hanging mine just as is as it brings a beautiful natural feel to the space it hangs in. When the lavender is ready, I can pack it on the wreath and create another lovely lavender wreath.

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lavender wreath

Printable Directions

Yield: 1 lavender wreath

How To Make A Lavender Wreath

lavender wreath

make a beautiful wreath from fresh or dried lavender

Prep Time 15 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty easy


  • lavender
  • pipe cleaners or jute twine
  • scissors or small garden shears
  • wreath:grape, wire, or foam


  • garden sheers


  1. Gather lavender into small but bushy bundles.
  2. Cut the end stems to make sure they are even.
  3. Secure them together with a pipe cleaner or jute twine.
  4. Repeat until all the lavender is in the small bundles.
  5. Begin tying the bundles to the wreath.
  6. Make sure to stack each bundle to where the lavender buds lay over the ties as you add and move down the wreath securing new bundles.
  7. Once all the bundles are secure, look over the wreath to make sure no ties are sticking out or showing.
  8. If you need to make a hook to hang, simply tie a piece of twine on the top portion of the wreath and secure it with a knot.
  9. Hang on the door, wall, or over a mirror or window.


*repurpose an old wreath by cutting off the old decor and placing the lavender bundles around

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