Homemaking Beauty in the Details, The Tablecloth

Homemaking Beauty in the Details, The Tablecloth esp 7 of our The Art of Homemaking Series

“The ordinary arts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.” — Thomas Moore⁣

Of all the things I do in a day. One of my very favorites, is to set the table. Not just for dinner but for the simple act of beautifying the space. That always begins with a fresh table cloth. A vase of flowers will usually follow or even a few branches from outside.

As the linen glides across the table I am filled with a nostalgia.

An understanding that this simple ritual has been apart of homemaking for so many of us both past and present.

Grabbing the linens from the small cabinet passed on to me from my own grandmother who was herself quite the homemaker. It puts a smile on my face. I can feel her with me and feel the magic she passed on to me come to life. I get to add these bits of beauty of every day in to our home for my daughter as she had once done for my father. What beauty we get to bring to a day as homemakers. It is in these small touches that a mere dwelling becomes a home.

a table set for dinner for the art of homemaking

I suppose to many, it might not matter. It’s just a table cloth after all. But the simplicity of the act is powerful. It is a familiar and caring detail that changes the environment instantly. Setting a tone for the meals had here and though these little changes are every day occurrences. It is in the every day that life is lived and therefore where beauty should be felt most.

The relevance of the tablecloth then becomes much more than a mere piece of fabric laid across a table.

It becomes a piece of the tapestry that is woven in the creation of a home.

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