Peaceful Homemaking ASMR with Music

Today I am sharing some Peaceful Homemaking ASMR with Music for a bit of relaxing homemaking inspiration.

Enjoy The Video Version

Tucked away inside for a full day of homemaking. Today I am making a batch of Easy Black Bean Chili, deep cleaning our hardwood floors and trying to get my office straightened up. Though these tasks are likely boring to the outside world, there isn’t a better place I’d rather be. I take comfort in the words of wise woman who have come before me and those who live currently. Tending to their homes on a daily basis. Who find love and joy in the peaceful world of caring for their homes as I do. I hope you enjoy todays video.

“Go on with your work as usual, for work is a blessed solace.”

Louisa May Alcott

So much of what we do in our homes is comprised of repetition. There are not too many things that jump out in the days as anything significant. Rather I find the flow of it all to be an unspoken beauty. In completing my tasks I often get lost in thought. In sort of a meditative state where I can balance out my thoughts and ponder on things while my hands work. Leaving behind a clean room or a meal cooked. Sometimes both.

This workable flow is the rhythm of a homemaker. Though the work might be undone tomorrow and awaiting my attention then. For today I will be glad to see it done. And to see those I love enjoy this days efforts.

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