How To Make Lavender Sachets Without Sewing (Easy)

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about making lavender sachets without sewing a thing!

lavender sachets

As many of you know we grow our own lavender here and honestly, I never intended for it to be a “thing”. But by happy accident, we have an abundant lavender crop almost year round. Which means I need to find ways to use it otherwise it will go to waste.

Not that this is any sort of an inconvenience for me. It is a good problem to have. It requires me to research and learn more about these incredibly useful plants. Some of my favorite uses are these French Lavender Shortbread Cookies and this soothing Lavender Oil.

Today is another great way to use it and this one is especially so since lavender sachets make great gifts to have on hand or to leave in a guest room for when a guest visits. These are wonderful for tucking away into the drawers of our home and I like popping them into the drying in place of a dryer sheet with them. The lavender scent is especially pleasant when used this way.

The best part is, that we can put our sewing machine away for this one as these are absolutely no sew homemade lavender sachets for an easy DIY.

What are Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets are small bags of dried lavender buds or a mix of dried lavender buds, essential oil, and rice used to repel bugs and give off a light floral scent. They are a natural way to add smells to areas of your home like sock drawers, linen closets and anywhere you want to add a fresh floral scent. Lavender is a natural bug repellent and for this is a perfect choice to keep in closets to ward off moths.

Uses For Lavender Sachets

  • Perfect to place in a sock drawer or underwear drawer.
  • Great for tucking into a gym bag for a fresh fragrance.
  • You can use these DIY lavender sachets to replace dryer sheets. Simply pop a sachet into the dryer, just make sure the tie is secure before doing so.
  • Tuck them in between couch cushions.
  • You can tie a ribbon to a few sachets to hang in closets to help keep clothes fresh and to ward off moths.
  • Pop them into luggage between traveling so your suite cases stay smelling great.
  • Put them in sneakers between wearing to help with odor.
  • Put one or two in the car under the seat for a nice natural car scent.

What You Will Need To Make Lavender Sachets

Dried Lavender- You will need dried lavender for this which you can easily find online or at a local farmers market if you don’t grow your own fresh lavender. You can use any fragrant type of lavender you would like. Here I grow French lavender which has a very strong floral scent. Some English varieties are also prized for their scent.

Little Bags- You can opt to use squares of fabric but I am guessing since you stopped here on this no-sew post, that is not what you were looking to do. I am right there with you! I love to use these lavender bags for my sachets.

They are so cute with the little design and the pretty ribbon secures them nicely. When choosing fabric sachets be sure to use something that breaths and isn’t too thick otherwise it could lock in the scent. A small muslin bag or linen fabric type of bag would be great for sachets. Just make sure they have a tie to secure the lavender mixture.

Rice- Rice is traditionally added for several reasons. First, it adds heft to the sachets and a little weight. Second, it helps absorb any moisture, within them to keep them fresh longer. This is especially helpful if you have a few buds that didn’t dry out completely or if you are adding essential oil to yours.

Lastly, the rice makes the lavender go further and in some cases can offset smells that are too strong. With all this being said, rice is optional. I have made them both ways and find either to work just as well for me.

Essential Oil- This is completely optional but you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your mixture if you would like to make your sachets a little more potent.

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To make our lavender mixture combine two parts lavender with one part rice in a bowl. You don’t have to actually use the rice if you don’t want to but it does help stretch the lavender. If you would like to add a few drops of essential oil you can. Mix it in if doing so. I find I don’t need to as my French lavender is potent enough for my sachets.

lavender sachets

Begin filling the little sachet bags and then secure the top of the sachet with the ribbon tightly.

lavender sachets

Why Use Dry Lavender

Using dried lavender for the sachets is essential. You don’t want any moisture building up in the lavender as this could cause them to mold. Using dried lavender ensures they have a more potent smell as the lavender flowers are about three times stronger than fresh ones. Although dried lavender will eventually lose its smell over time, a freshly dried lavender sachet should last at least a season and can be revived by gently massaging to release oil or adding a few drops of essential oil.

How To Dry Lavender

The first step to making these lavender sachets is to have dried lavender. If you are using homegrown lavender, like me, you will need to dry it out first before using it. There are several ways you can do this.

  • I like to make bundles of lavender and hang them upside down in my kitchen for several days to dry. This not only creates a lovely display but its a pretty hands off way to dry the lavender.
  • You can also pop the lavender heads into a dehydrator to dry them out a little quicker.
  • No dehydrator? That is ok, you can place the lavender heads on a baking sheet and dry them out in the oven. I dry mine at 200℉ and check it every 10 minutes until it’s dry.

Tips For Drying Lavender

  • You can preserve its color if hung to dry in a dark place. It will take longer to dry but the buds will retain their color better.
  • Avoid hanging in direct sunlight.
  • If hanging lavender that has been in a vase with water, be sure to clip off the brown bits and any molding areas.
  • Lavender can be messy when hung can be messy so hang it somewhere it won’t bumped or can be easily swept.
  • Make sure to harvest when the lavender is in full bloom.
  • When drying in the oven or dehydrator it is helpful to remove the lavender stems to save on space.

How Long Do Dried Lavender Sachets Last?

Sachets filled with a mix of rice, dried lavender buds, and essential oils can last for several years. With that being said, from time to time you may need to give them a little massage to help work up the oils in them and they will put off a stronger smell. You can also add a few drops of essential oil to help revive their scent.

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