Easy Ways To Bring Spring Into The Home

Come along as I share some Easy Ways to Bring Spring into the Home and a day of me doing just that in our own space.

Welcome Spring With Me

The hints of spring have finally begun to show here. A sight for sore eyes after a long winter season, as the saying goes. Here the flowers have started to open, the chickens have begun laying their eggs again, and the herbs are filling in nicely. I have the urge to bring spring into our home, beyond the fresh flowers or grocery store flower arrangement I tend to grab when the garden is not quite ready for me. Although flowers are always a nice touch.

I thought I would share with you some of the easiest ways to bring Spring into your own home. I thought it would also be the perfect opportunity to share some of the things I have been doing in recent years that have been a beautiful way to bring in natural elements while avoiding the additional cost of new items.

Remember a little can go a long way and spring décor ideas go far beyond finding the perfect accessory. 

Start with a Clean Space

The first thing I always start with is cleaning. It is an easy way to get the ball rolling. Somehow the simple act of cleaning alone makes our spaces feel fresh and in a sense new. Spring is the perfect time for freshening up.

The first thing I always start with is cleaning. It is an easy way to get the ball rolling. Somehow the simple act of cleaning alone makes our spaces feel fresh and in a sense new. Spring is the perfect time for freshening up. My go-to cleaner is this natural all-purpose cleaner for most of the surfaces in my house.

I also like to mix up some natural wood cleaner for some of the wooden antiques I have acquired over the years. A nice polish in the springtime is a great way to tend to the wood in our homes regularly and give it a nice polished shine. 

The hood over my stove is easy to miss through regular cleanings. For season changes I like to give it a good wipe-down. Wiping down those areas in a room that often go unnoticed is a great way to freshen up the space for spring without having to buy anything. Ask yourself, what areas get neglected in my regular cleaning routine? This is a great place to start when looking to bring spring into the home.

Fresh Scents

 After any sort of cleaning that needs to be done is finished, the next thing for me is scents any time of the year, not just spring. With using homemade natural cleaning products, you just don’t get the same nostalgic cleaning scents from when we were kids. Maybe that’s just me, but the clear smell of Pinesol was a hard one to rid myself of when switching. The scents I want to bring in for this new season help celebrate it in a sense (yes, an intentional pun, I know).

Bringing a nice fresh spring scent into the home has an instant impact that is pretty inexpensive to do. You can do this in several ways. First is my 2-Ingredient Natural Fabric Refresher Spray. With it,  I spray down all of our bedding, furniture, curtains, and rugs with my fabric refresher spray. It works great for pet bedding as well. For spring this year I chose a nice citrusy scent as citrus is a wonderful scent for spring.

With this stovetop potpourri, you can fill it with just about any scents you love. For my spring cleaning this year I filled with sliced oranges, lemons, and a vanilla bean pod. If you have never done a simmer pot before, it is exactly as it sounds. A pot that simmers on the stovetop to help fill the house with a lovely scent. I allow mine to simmer on low on the stovetop as I go about my day, adding water when needed. This is a great natural way to fill the home with a nice scent for spring.

a simmer pot filed with orange lemon and vanilla in a stockpot

Swap Out Fabrics

Being a very visual person, I am highly motivated by beauty and my surroundings. Naturally, bringing spring into the home means swapping out fabrics or adding small touches of décor that speak to the season. Think of the rooms in your home and all the fabrics that you can swap out.

If you are unsure where to begin, the dinner table is a great place to start since a quick swap or addition of a spring-inspired tablecloth can change the feel of the entire room. This year I chose a bright green linen tablecloth and some orange tulips to brighten up the space. Both instantly make the room feel brighter and happier as the spring season itself.

a vase of tulips on a table

Curtains are another thing that can make an instant transformation. Although curtains can be rather expensive, I have found an inexpensive way to swap them out for the season. By purchasing these simple hooks, I am able to purchase fabric from the craft store that I cut to size and hang from these hooks. Not a single stitch is sewn however, you can easily sew the cut pieces to have a more tailored look. My home is rustic and the unfinished edges only add to its charm.

Other fabrics to consider swapping out are heavier throws placed on the couch or beds during colder months. Replacing them with spring colors and lighter fabrics will effectively add additional touches of spring. If you want to take it a step further, swap out throw pillow colors, dinner napkins, placemats and even your shower curtains.

All of which can be swapped out simply and its the perfect way to bring in some bright colors that pop for the season.

Small Details

It is all in the details. Things like redoing your entryway for the season can have a big impact. After all, the entryway is the first thing people see when they enter your home.  Don’t overlook outdoor spaces especially when they lead up to your front door. A small front porch can be spruced up with a small side table and faux flowers. If you have a green thumb, a plant in a pretty vase can do wonders. It isn’t so much about drastic changes as it is about the little things, the details we add. 

I have a small accordion-style rack that hangs near our front door. I like to add scarves, winter hats, and dried oranges for winter. To bring spring into our home I swap these out for a pretty sunhat and a bundle of lavender. It is a small touch that has a big impact on how our home feels.

Consider areas like this in your home. End tables, the TV stand, coffee tables, or corner areas are great places to display little pops of spring. Small mason jars of cut flowers, or herbs. Maybe some pretty potpourri in dishes or touches of greenery snipped from the backyard. Little bud vases are great for displaying those bits of greenery around the house. A spring wreath is always a great addition to an entryway, front door or even hanging as a piece of décor on the wall in a living space. 

My favorite is to snip herbs and place them in mason jars. A beautiful herb bundle livens up the area it is placed in and gives that fresh spring feeling instantly.

herbs in a mason jar next to a candle

Spring Flavors

Food has an incredible impact on our homes as does the dining room. From the warm cozy bowls of soup in the winter to apple pies of the fall and now the lighter dishes of spring. So if all else fails, bring in spring by simply making something. Today as I was bringing spring into my home, I decided on a light lemony dessert with this Fresh Lemon Tart. It is simple to make and the sweet citrus smell enhances all the citrus scents in the house.

a lemon tart with a candle

Spring offers so many wonderful flavors. If you have trouble deciding be sure to check out our Spring and Summer tab for inspiration. I also invite you to come along to My Spring Kitchen, where I share the romance of herbs along with some great recipes to use them.

Final Thoughts

Bringing spring into the home is a wonderful way to enhance your homemaking through the seasons. Seasonally changing out and renewing our homes with small touches helps create excitement in homemaking. It is almost like seeing our homes through new eyes.

Spring is one of the very best seasons to embrace, in my book that is. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be an expensive ordeal. Remember that spring is all about fresh, new life and clean starts. If we can capture these elements in the home, then we have succeeded in bringing spring into the home.

Happy Spring homemaking!

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