How To Be A Fulfilled Homemaker

Follow along and learn all you need to know to be a fulfilled homemaker whether you are in a rut, feeling overwhelmed, or just plain bored.

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As I was cleaning the lunch dishes today I began reflecting on days when doing these same things over and over began to feel repetitive. Mundane and on bad days, even burdensome.

Most of you know that I work from home and spend my days homemaking and caring for my daughter. Being a fulfilled homemaker has nothing to do with whether you work another position outside of your home or are a full-time homemaker. The reality is homemaking is hard work and often quite a lonely enterprise.

I have had it both ways, working outside the home and not. When you work outside the home, you might feel the house is a burden to care for after a long day. On the contrary, when you are home every day it can feel boring or unfulfilling after a while. In both of these aspects, there is much to be desired.

I am not free from these feelings however, I have learned how to avoid them by using some simple methods that help me be more aware. Truth is I still have tough days where I feel uninspired but they are fewer and further between. I hope some of these simple tips help you become a more fulfilled homemaker.


Our mindsets are powerful and are the first place to start when wanting to become a fulfilled homemaker. After all, no task you do while feeling burdened will ever be satisfying. The same goes for when we are bored and disengaged from our work.

So it might be very obvious that it all starts here. We are what we tell ourselves. Let me be more clear on this. If I declare that I am tired of something each time I do it. I will probably feel that same feeling whenever I am met with it again.

Become mindful of what you declare to yourself. Check your thoughts throughout the day. Ensure you are not feeding your mind negative things around the task. If you feel overwhelmed, begin writing down what you are grateful for. Remind yourself of your purpose.

This works especially well when you pause for a moment and look around at the home you created. Many times we are so much in our minds that we forget to observe the good things around us that are the direct result of our work within the home.

Developing Skills

It is hard to be fulfilled by something when we don’t feel we are necessarily that great at it. A good place to start is by polishing up on your homemaking skills. Homemaking is a position that allows for continual growth. When you decide to be a lifelong learner, there is never room for boredom because there is always something new on the horizon.

Consider areas that you struggle with the most. Begin developing skills in those areas that help you be better at them thus helping you become that much more satisfied in your homemaking.

Here are some areas of homemaking to consider:

  • cooking
  • budgeting
  • laundry
  • mending/ironing
  • tidying
  • deep cleaning
  • scheduling appointments
  • decluterring
  • grocery shopping
  • being resourceful
  • decorating
  • hosting
  • organizing

Cooking is one of the major aspects of homemaking and one of the best ways to create a sense of satisfaction. Learning to prepare meals or try new recipes can shake things up in the kitchen. Read food blogs, check out some new cookbooks at the library, and search for dinner recipes on Pinterest to try.

a tea table set up in a dining room

Create some buzz around the meals you prepare while at the same, developing new skills that up your game as a homemaker. Get inspired in your kitchen with this quick but inspirational Learning New Skills as a Homemaker video.

If the laundry is something you struggle with, start there. Create a new habit around laundry that you can enjoy while doing it. I love audiobooks to enjoy while folding the laundry. Or watching a favorite YouTuber on my phone as I fold. When the weather is nice, hang a line outside and enjoy nature while you work. The point is, it might help you to find joy in an area you struggle with so you can improve.

Be Career Minded

We get very stuck in roles within our thinking and it is very easy to feel burdened or unimportant as a homemaker. Especially for full-time homemakers. I remember feeling very unimportant and unseen at different times as a full-time homemaker. Looking back, I clearly realize that in those times, I didn’t see a homemaker as a career. I saw it as less than. Less than a 9-5 business setting.

This is silly of course but it was that way of thinking that tainted my mind. Being a homemaker and mother is my priority over any job I do currently. It is the first on my priority list. It is my career, the true work of my life. To make it so for yourself begin thinking, about how you would be at a 9-5 if you had on.? Or if you have one now, how are you there? Do/would you come in prepared? Of course, you would. The same goes for homemaking.

Being prepared means being dressed appropriately for work with a start time. Knowing what needs to be done and being willing/ready to tackle the day’s tasks. It is when we see ourselves in a career frame of mine, that we feel more valued and have a desire to do it well. So take pride in your homemaking, it is a valued role that takes learning, growing, hard work, and adaptability.

flowers in vases for the home

Small Wins

If you are feeling unfulfilled or burned out. Go for small wins, something that gives instant gratification. Homemaking is a long game in many senses especially if you have children. I might take years of work to see the true treasures of it. Why not go for some small wins so that you can see results quickly? What do I mean by this?

Well for starters, you can pick small areas of your home to declutter, start using a tablecloth to dress up the table or create a small seating area on your porch to sit and have tea.

Meals are a huge one to consider. Things like creating a brand-new recipe that you know your family will love. Going a step further, mealtime is often a major area that can be both frustrating and allow for lots of room for improvement. Why not start doing a fun Friday night pizza night, Taco Tuesdays, or Breakfast for dinner once a week?

Not only does this help make meal planning a little easier but it helps the family get excited for certain days of the week. My father was the king of this! We had a theme each night of the week. Honestly, those ridiculous fruit and veggie nights are some of my favorite memories.

The point in all of these small gestures is that they make everyday life a little more interesting and at the same time make us feel good.

Gleaning From Other Woman

To be a fulfilled homemaker, we need others. I cannot tell you enough how truly valuable other women are. Older women especially are absolute gems that we can all glean from. They have been through it all and have so much wisdom to share.

Seek out other women especially if they are in different seasons than you. Having a friend with an older child or someone whose been homemaking a little longer has so much value to impart.

Whether that be a woman from church or an activity. Seek them out if possible and if you are too shy, there is always Sally Clarkson’s podcast, Life with Sally. A woman who continues to make me smile with her wisdom, her love of homemaking, and her biblical encouragement.

A woman is a conductor, who leads the orchestra of her surroundings in the songs and music of her life. God is a God of creativity and dimension, and so He is pleased when we we co-create beauty in our own realm, through the power of His Spirit. It was a profound realization when I understood that I could become an artist with my very life.”

Sally Clarkson

Thank you so much for joining today! I hope you find these tips helpful in becoming a fulfilled homemaker.

If they do I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

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