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Sharing some Winter Porch Decor while I clean things up after a storm and of course, there will be cooking.

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For weeks the storms have taken over here. This means the inside of our home is well organized and decluttered. I have been enjoying my new room so much that I managed to even replace the bedding with a crisp white duvet cover and pillows.

On the other hand, the outside of our home is in complete disarray. Items have been thrown about the yard and everything is underwater and rain-soaked. Today is one of the first that the rain has cleared up enough to work outside. I need to give some attention to these spaces.

I won’t have time for all, so I decided to start with our front porch as this is the face of our home. It is what guests see before entering. Though the space is not big by any means, it does make a statement.

Items are dirty and soaked and many of them are ruined. I am going to gather them up and see what if anything is still good.

As the cushions dry out in the sunshine, I began wiping surfaces and sweeping away the small bits brought in from the storm. Something very necessary to do before adding decor to any space.

Shopping Our Home

Instead of rushing off to the store, I am hoping to find things around the house to add for winter decor that will finish off the cleaning nicely.

Going around the house, I managed to find some items I think may work. A basket, flannel ribbon, cotton, and winter berries all feel like a winter look to me.

This leftover grapevine wreath we made a few years back gives a nice simple look for winter.

a winter wreath hanging on a wall

For other DIY winter decor ideas, I have a bundle of firewood and pine cones to add to a large basket. If this doesn’t work I also have a galvanized tub that works well to hold firewood that will give the porch a rustic touch.

I found this cute canister I haven’t used in a while and I think it looks nice with the winter berries.

winter berries in a vase

This is a small space but one that I find cozy when I take the time to properly care for it. I think no matter what size porch you have, keeping it up is important as it is the first thing people see upon entering our homes.

The basket wound up being too small for the firewood, luckily I have this galvanized tub to use. I normally use it for outdoor cooking and as a fire pit. But with so much rain in the forecast, I won’t be using it for a while.

firewood in a galvanized tub

After a few hours, the cushions and rug have dried out and it is time to put the porch back together. And add winter touches that will help make the space feel cozy.

a small winter decorated porch with berries and flannel
small winter decorated porch with flannel and a wreath

Not quite magazine worthy but a far cry from this morning’s mess, the porch feels inviting with small winter touches to mark the season.

Cozy Cooking

With so much time spent on the porch, it is just about time for dinner. Tonight I am making a Creamy Broccoli Bake, a casserole-style dish.

broccoli casserole

It is a simple casserole made with bacon, broccoli, and cream.

A Word of Encouragement

Many things we do will be mundane in their doing. Many more will feel unimportant. Spending the day cleaning the porch might seem so productive but each job we do within our homes, whether big or small, helps contribute to the bigger picture.

A home well loved and a life well served.

Thank you for coming along for today’s Winter Porch Decor and Cozy Cooking. I hope you have enjoyed your time with me.

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