Spring Cleaning Routine

Sharing a tried and true Spring Cleaning Routine that will help make your home feel better maintained.

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Getting into a Cleaning Routine

With the weather warming up, it is time for my annual spring cleaning routine. This is a system I adopted several years ago when I was frustrated at the look of my home. Even with regular cleaning, my home wasn’t as clean in appearance as I had liked.

I would notice little areas that needed a deep cleaning and the thought of adding to what already needed doing would leave me feeling overwhelmed. Finally, I realized that this whole spring cleaning notion was something. That homemaker’s had been doing for decades.

Marking the seasons with routines to better manage their homes. Taking this approach, I made a list of the areas where my eyes would fall regularly. Areas could use some TLC but I didn’t always have the time to add in. I am not going to say that this list is anywhere near going to getting you a clean home all year round.

That would be impossible. But I will tell you that adopting a yearly or even a fall/spring schedule for these areas will help your home feel more maintained overall. Regular cleaning and daily cleaning are always necessary for a homemaker. But one thing is for sure, a good spring cleaning routine can help add to the overall cleanliness and enjoyment of your home.

The Oven

Oh, the dreaded oven cleaning. I can tell you honestly it took me years to incorporate cleaning my oven into any sort of schedule. I always figured, who looking, or better yet, weren’t everyone’s ovens stained anyway?

The oven seems like a big job when in fact it is not when maintained regularly. Cleaning your oven once a year on a spring cleaning schedule helps clear out all the holiday baking done over the winter months and allows you to start from a clean point. Gone will be the days of smoke from pan drippings and feeling embarrassed to open the oven in front of guests.

Windows and Windowsills

Windows and windowsills are the biggest jobs on this list. But the fact remains, windows need regular cleaning both inside and out. I even realized a while back that the windowsills themselves need wiping down otherwise the dust accumulates and creates dirty spaces in each room.

Visible each time we open those cute springtime linen curtains. Taking the time to wipe down the sills and properly wash the windows inside and out will help keep the house looking well-maintained no matter how much laundry there is to tackle in a day.

Trim, Walkways and Doors

This one by far is the most important, for me anyway. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to clean a space and then look down at a wall covered in food particles or a baseboard lined with dirt. Grabbing a pack of these magic erasers and doing a wipe down of the doors, baseboards, and walkways of your home will keep things bright and white.

This includes high-traffic areas where fingerprints and food splatters occur. Don’t ask me how, but I have not had a toddler in my home for many years and yet, there are food splatters in low places. Not wiping them would indicate otherwise. So take the time to wipe these often missed areas down now and you will be glad you did.

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Fans and Filters

There is nothing quite like cleaning a room, lighting a beautiful candle to enjoy the fresh clean space. Only to find yourself looking up at a filthy fan caked with dust. The room will suddenly feel dirty just by seeing this. Many of us remember the fan but not that many. I can bet you have been in many homes where your eyes wandered up and noticed filthy fan blades in an otherwise clean room. I know I sure have.

This is in no way meant to be a judgmental observation. The fact is the fan is easily forgotten as it is not in plain sight. We scurry through our homes dusting vacuuming wiping walls and picking up toys. It is no wonder the fan is often forgotten.

The same goes for filter grates that get caked with dust. Make it a part of your spring cleaning routine to dust all the fans and filter grates. Giving them a good once over once or twice a year will keep you from gazing up at a filthy overlooked mess. Make sure why you are at it to change out your ac/heater filters at the same time.

Wiping Down Cabinets and Touching Up Paint

This year I didn’t have to do this but that is only because I wound up doing this right before Christmas when I did our Christmas Home Tour. But normally this time of year would be the time for me to grab a warm wash cloth and wipe down our cabinets.

Food, hair, and dust collect on these surfaces, and opening a curtain for the sun to shine on and highlight them is not my idea of proper homemaking. It certainly does not create joy in this homemaker’s heart.

So if you can take a moment to wipe down your cabinets in the kitchen as part of a spring cleaning routine, your kitchen will look cleaner than the dishes in the sink might suggest. Going a step further, if you have painted cabinets.

It is a good idea to keep a small sample size of the paint color under the kitchen sink or in a safe place where you can grab and touch up any scratches in the paint. I use a paintbrush from my daughter’s art supplies and find it works great for touch-ups.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up this post I want to leave you with this FREE spring cleaning checklist that you can use as a guide to check off what is important to you in your routine.

Adopting a spring cleaning routine can make all the difference in your home and I hope today’s post gives you a great place to start.

Happy spring cleaning to you!

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