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Join me today for a Magic in Homemaking day where I discuss the desire to create magic through homemaking and bring you along with me.

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Today we are headed to a little city outside of town for lunch and exploring. She has no idea where we are going by the way.

Since my daughter was little I have surprised her any time I can. Every so often we’d be off to run errands and end up at an ice cream shop or movie in the middle of the day. As she’s gotten older, she’s on to me but I never tell her where it is we are off to. I smile and keep driving.

If I could think of a way to explain what it is that I am trying to capture daily. Both in my homemaking and in our lives. I guess It would likely be that I want it to feel like magic.

What is Magic?

Magic has many definitions but the one that I like best is giving a feeling of enchantment.

Feeling a great sense of delight. The sort of delight that comes from being cherished as a child.

Our days together no matter how small the moments. I reflect on this idea of creating a magical space within our home and in our lives. A place that feels warm, loving, silly, comfortable, and safe. That when you entered it, it would transform any day you were having.

Could my life’s work be just this? To love another and work daily to create magic for them out of that love?

a vase of flowers on a table for homemaking

I would like to think I could.

And here is what goes into creating that magic. It is not glamorous work by any means. Most times it is lonely work and as I put my hand to each task I try to remember that this is all part of it.

The grind of it all. The constant cleaning of messes and the dishes that pile up throughout the days. I find my kitchen to be the most high-maintenance area of our home. I stand here frequently.

Having to recharge my motivation and remind myself often of my purpose.

On the Menu

Meals in the summer are light and fresh. This salad is an Orange and Fennel Salad with Prawns. A simple dish to throw together but one that is beautiful as well.

orange fennel salad in a white bowl for homemaking

Intention In Homemaking

Whatever your goals are for the people in your home. It is always important to recharge yourself and remember what your intention is behind your homemaking.

Whether you too are wanting to create a sense of magic or just a well-running home.

My second highest maintenance chore is probably laundry. I usually alternate between bedding and the rest of it. Bedding seems to be all day chore with taking the beds apart.

placing clothes into a washing machine for homemaking

For today I am washing our towels, napkins, and clothing.

We use cloth napkins for our meals and I do like to take a few minutes to iron them so they are neat. If you listened to the recent coffee and conversation. Then you know I like to listen to podcasts and ironing is a great chore to be able to do just that.

iron napkins on an ironing board for homemaking

I hang our clothes and sheets on the line but find that I don’t like the towels to be on the line as they seem to be stiff so I place those in the dryer.

I had to move our line in the shade since it’s been so hot here. Even in the heat, I feel peaceful out here in the shade of the day listening to the birds.

Tea Time and Books

After all that laundry we are headed out to restock our books. Another thing you heard me speak about. The library is always a fun outing for us. We each pick out stacks of books for the week. For the summer I have her keeping a reading log that she can turn in to me at the end of summer for a dollar a book prize. A fun one if you have children of reading ages.

Arriving back from the library I make tea and a snack. Today I have some strawberry shortcakes left over from the 4th of July.

strawberry shortcakes on a plate

We are gonna finish the day with our books and a treat. As we read at the table, have our tea and snack. I know there is a great delight here.

Perhaps there’s even a bit of magic.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you have enjoyed your time here with me.

Happy Homemaking!

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

 Roald Dahl

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