• lady cleaning for ASMR cleaning

    ASMR Clean with Me | Homemade Potpourri

    Today I invite you along for an ASMR style video while I clean and make Homemade Potpourri. The kitchen has some grimy spots that are now visible in the afternoon sunlight. The garden is blooming like crazy so I will also…

  • Natural Home

    Homemade Stove Top Potpourri

    Homemade Stove Top Potpourri is a great way to add a natural scent to your home using fresh ingredients from the kitchen that simmer right on your stove top. When you start down the journey of living more naturally, you tend…

  • diy aged faux clay pot
    Home Decor

    DIY Faux Aged Clay Pot

    This DIY Faux Aged Clay Pot tutorial allows you to create a beautiful faux aged clay pot out of any glass container you have. It is a perfect project for those thrift store finds. In our home, I love the patinas…

  • a lady holding a mimosa at a weekday brunch at home
    Elevated Living

    Weekday Brunch At Home

    Elevating the everyday with a Weekday Brunch at Home. Today I invite you along as I prepare a fun weekday brunch. I am going to be making my two favorite dishes to serve at a brunch (recipes included below) making mock…

  • a lady with a vase of lavender homemaking

    Calm and Peaceful Homemaking

    Come along today for some Calm and Peaceful Homemaking inspiration. What is a calm and peaceful home worth? The time we spend creating an environment worthy to be called peaceful is invaluable. With the constant state of turmoils in the world,…