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Sharing some Beautiful Moments at Home through tea time and a delicious chocolate tart. A lovely way to spend an afternoon and build lasting memories.

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For most of my daughter’s life, I have been doing fancy tea times with her. Some are in the form of a lunch-style tea where I serve little sandwiches, scones, and other treats. Others are afternoon teas with baked goods from our local bakery or if I have time, something I make special. We share a book and converse while enjoying snacks in style. This has made home all the more memorable for us and I hope this inspires. you to take time to feel a little luxury in your days spent at home.

I would like to share with you a tea we enjoyed this past week. I hope you enjoy a peak behind the curtain if you will, of a mother’s attempt to create beautiful moments at home and express her love through such an endeavor.

Todays Tea Time Treat

For today’s tea time, I will be making a No Bake Salted Chocolate Tart. This simple rich chocolate tart starts with an Oreo crust that is simply made using 27 Oreos that I am going to crumble in the food processor along with a bit of butter. I smash the crumbled Oreo and butter mixture into an awaiting greased tart dish. I allow the crust to chill in the fridge for 30 minutes before adding the filling.

The filing is almost just as easy. I fill a double boiler with dark chocolate chips, heavy cream, and butter. Allow it to melt and pour the thick shiny ganache into my awaiting crust.

Once the tart has been chilled for about 3 hours, I finish it off I like to add a dusting of chunky sea salt to the top. This gives it a delicious sweet and salty component. This tart took minimal effort but its presentation suggests otherwise.

salted chocolate tart sliced

Setting A Scene

It is not enough to simply have tea and a treat. I like to set the table properly and feel like this is a big part of our whole experience. Setting the table doesn’t have to be intimidating, a few simple touches can have a big impact. I start by picking a tablecloth that goes well with whatever napkins I have washed and ready to use.

For this at home tea, I chose a grey woven tablecloth that will work nicely with the navy blue napkins I have available. I chose my bright white tea set for the table and brown woven chargers that seem to go with just about any table setting. A centerpiece provides color and beauty to the table. I like adding a stack of books to the table as a finishing touch.

woman holding a bouquet of flowers

Elevating The Everyday

You might wonder what the point of going through all this trouble is when it is just us. Well, the idea is to dress the table and create an experience right at home. Even if it is just you and the kids. An average Tuesday can be special if we deem it so and these moments we create in our homes are what define our experience there. I know every day that I get to be here with my daughter is special. Why not step away from the ordinary routine for a moment and celebrate that?

a tea time at home

I play soft music and light the candles. Our tea time is then ready. The rich chocolate pie is creamy with a slightly salty bite. It compliments the warm tea well. As we sit reading Watership Down, her eyes twinkle at mine, anticipating what the rabbits will do next. Sipping our tea and feeling fancy for an afternoon and as usual, it was worth the effort.

a tea time at home with tea cups and sliced chocolate tart

“The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.”

Harold B. Lee

I hope this inspires you to take a few moments to create beautiful moments at home within your space.

Happy Homemaking!

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