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Sharing a Day in the Life of a Homemaker. There are so many aspects to a homemakers day each one unique in their own. For mine there is a little bit of everything as I work from home and homeschool as well. Join me today while I cook, clean, work and even school from home in a day in the life of a homemaker style video. Sharing a day of what homemaking entails for me. I hope you enjoy todays video and post.

Hello and welcome back to a quaint life. Today I have decided to bring you along for a day in the life style video. Just to share a peak into my days as a homeschool family, a homemaker and work from home mom. There is a lot that goes into each of these areas of my life. The days are full and for that they always start with coffee.

While the coffee brews, I like to pop outside to feed the chickens. It takes just a few minutes and instead of standing in the kitchen waiting. It allows me to check a chore off the list for the day.

Everyday except Sundays, I start here. At the computer. I am strict about a 2 hour time block for blog work in the mornings. Which I do before my daughter is up usually and while she gets ready for the day. I answer emails, edit photos, do some writing, whatever the day calls for. I like to make a list of what needs doing for the day and then check things off as I accomplish them.

After blog work, it’s time for breakfast and today I have decided to make eggs since the hens are laying daily now. If don’t make them daily they seem to pile up on the countertop.

For me, the day seems to jump from one thing to the next.

I constantly am accomplishing one task and quickly replacing it with another.

After breakfast we start our homeschool work. My daughter is at the age where I can give a lesson, discuss it and allow her to finish the work on her own. Which gives me time to clean the kitchen.

She also does daily work like piano practice and reading on her own which gives me time to tend to the household work or any extra blog work that needs doing. Today I had some extra photos I needed to shoot for a blog post so while she is busy at the piano, I am in here trying to work with the light.

Working to create content of any sort is a tremendous beast of a job that I had no idea entailed so many necessary skills be learned. I am someone who needs to be challenged and I also like to learn new things consistently.

This work is a beast but the reality is, so am I.

For lunch I am making a Shepherd’s Pie which I will share the recipe with you below. My recipe calls for sausage but you can substitute that out for ground beef or lamb. I like making dishes like this because for us this is a couple of meals and having something to heat up in the fridge later is nice for busy days.

day in the life of a homemaker a lady cooking

Lunch time is one of my favorite times of the day. Its when we can come together and just relax for a few minutes before jumping back into work mode.

I try to come back in here as soon as we are done with meals and just clean it right away. I don’t like messes waiting for me and find just tackling it straight away works best for my personality. Yet I don’t always have the time but I do, it makes the day flow much better.

I am needing to re season this cast iron pan and I have a simple method for using and caring for cast iron. Below you can find a link to check out. I love cast iron and use it daily.

Alright round two of blog work. Back at it to finish a blog post and edit the new photos.

I like to have tea in the afternoon with a small snack.

Its something nice to look forward too after all the regular work of the day is over. I am making jam tartlets today with the strawberry jam we made a few weeks back. I am just using my tart crust recipe and filling the cups with the jam but I will link the tart crust recipe if you are interested.

And after everything. This is where I love to be most. In my garden. A place of peace, beauty and of quiet mindless work that allows me to get lost in my thoughts. It is a beautiful way to end the day.

Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you have enjoyed todays video. I will see you on the next one.

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