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We are doing some Fall Home Prep with some simple fun projects that can help us welcome fall. Like usual, I will also be sharing a delicious recipe that is very much a great one to help give us those cozy fall vibes. I hope you enjoy today’s video and post.

Fall for me is one of the very best times of the year. The weather is perfect, the colors of the season are gorgeous and home is just a touch cozier than in the warmer months. It seems to be a time of transition. One where it preps us for slower winter days ahead. Not quite there though. Fall is a time to transform the home and begin lighting candles once more. To shut down the garden. While inside it’s the start of the holiday style decorating. Baking goodies and tossing throw’s over our couches for added warmth.

It’s a great time to be a homemaker and finding fun simple projects to help celebrate the season makes it all that much more enjoyable.

Fall Project Time

Today I have a few projects to get done to prep the house for fall. This rustic work table I made a few years back and it has held up nicely. I like adding cloth to hang around it adding to that rustic feel in my kitchen. This one getting really dingy being in the kitchen.

a work table in a kitchen decorated as a fall home prep project

I went a little crazy at the fabric store and decided to go with a print to add some color for fall this time around. Since the wood is so thick, I just hang the cloth with a staple gun. Which makes it easy to switch out.

I made a quick trip out to my mom’s after to grab some of her herbs for a small project. We grow a ton of herbs between the two of us and with fall coming, there are just too many to use before they begin dying off. So I decided to make a little DIY Herb Drying Rack.

a diy herb drying rack

I am using just some leftover yarn I had and a fabric hoop to make this. Now it’s time to make my herb bundles. I have mint which I love drying for tea in the wintertime. I have oregano, and a little lavender to add on here now just for some color. This rack can hold quite a bit.

To add the herbs I am going to use twine today and eventually maybe some S hooks. But for now this will work fine.

tying herbs to dry for the fall and winter months

To hang I just have a ceiling hook and I have looped a piece of twine through the top.

In my home, I like that old-world feeling. Where things are worn but beautiful and spaces are for use. Not just decor. As you know this kitchen is a workspace for me.

Speaking of which, it’s lunchtime.

Fall Flavors

To get into the spirit of fall, I am making Pumpkin and Bacon Pasta with Sage.

It’s a simple creamy pasta dish to make that I think is a great alternative to a mac and cheese.

 a creamy pumpkin sauce for fall

I make the pasta and brown bacon on the side. For the sauce, I wipe out the same pan and then add butter, sage, garlic, cinnamon, plus a pinch of sea salt. It’s an aromatic blend that quickly fills the kitchen.

pumpkin pasta for a fall meal

Moving On

I also grabbed this orange checkered fabric to replace my under-sink curtain. I think it will add a nice autumnal color without it being too modern.

For this project, I am not doing anything too complicated for this curtain. I just add an extra inch of fabric to fold over and sew a straight line.

woman sewing a curtain for fall

It’s time to remove the spring decor of drying flowers in the window.

Earlier my mom gave me a wreath for fall which I decided to hang it in the kitchen since I am in here so often. I think the color will go well with my new curtain.

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. Though the weather hasn’t cooled down just yet for us. I know it will be here soon. I love the crisp air and the colors of the trees. The home feels cozier and more inviting.

One of the easiest ways to decorate for any season is to dress the table. I found this beautifully patterned tablecloth. It’s not necessarily a fall pattern but the colors make me feel like it will work. And I like that I can likely also use it for springtime too.

a table decorated for fall home prep

Along with all other types of cleaning that we do, fall is also a time to change out bulbs, reverse fans and change out filters. It helps create a well-running home that is cozy and cared for.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s post and video for Fall Home Prep. For more videos and posts like this be sure to visit the homemaking tab. There you will find all sorts of homemaking inspiration and ideas for your home.

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