flowers and a cozy bench on a farmhouse porch
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Cozy Farmhouse Porch Makeover

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This Cozy Farmhouse Porch Makeover is a quick and simple porch makeover for a small city farmhouse porch. Make the most of your living spaces by decorating and enjoying them to their fullest.

flowers and a cozy bench on a farmhouse porch

This old house has been the first of many things for me. My first one to own completely on my own. My first pool, a topic that I will spare you my grievances over. And it is also the one that has had the only porch. That is if your not counting the one rental house that had a front door that self locked and we were unable to use that door all together. So I should say the only usable porch I have had. Just like all parts of the house, I want it to have a cozy, warm feeling when your in that space. As the entry space to our home it also needs to be welcoming to guests.

Early mornings of homeschool spent out here reading to my daughter and rainy days of cuddling up on the bench to just talk, are some of my favorite moments in this house. Living in a dusty agriculture town, it often needs to be swept and cared for just like any other room in our home. But it is worth the effort. After looking to revamp this space a bit as it needed a little love. I thought I’d grab the camera and share with you all here. In case you too have a small but usable porch you’d like to revamp and find you could use some inspiration. Here is my quaint, cozy farmhouse front porch. I hope you enjoy.

Farmhouse Elements

Although I am not one to copy anothers style rather more one to bring elements of a particular style that I like and leave the rest to my own design. There are some basic rules when going for a more traditional farmhouse style. Even if it is one you are dead set to make your own. I find an American flag not only brings a bit of patriotism but also a beautiful feeling of that old Americana farmhouse flare. I don’t believe any American farmhouse porch can be complete without one.

Secondly, plants. Alive ones preferably and I mean that literally. Though I would love the classic ferns in pots out here, you simply must consider where the sun hits when choosing plants. Ferns do not like my porch and so I have to go without them. A good alternative have been split leaf philondandrons and fiddlenecks but whichever kind of plants you go with just go with some that work for your space. Lovely crocks, and baskets work beautifully as planters. But today I am finding I am loving the look of terracota and so, terracotta it is. I brought a few garden flowers in a mason jar, a hanging basket of them and several terracotta pots filled with plants for a bit of greenery and life.

Textures and Throws

But of course! The very word cozy is what we are going for with todays look and that means bringing in some aspects of comfort. A blanket to cuddle up with on a chilly evening and some pretty throw pillows do just the trick. I brought in these striped pillows to add a bit of color to the bench without overwhelming it. I like to keep things a bit simple but decorated. If that makes any sense.

a jute rug on a cozy farmhouse porch floor
a throw blanket drapped over a cozy farmhouse porch bench

Useful Decor

I find for this style of furniture that a drink tray serves as both a bit of decor and a useful piece. It holds my tea cup perfectly as well as a small vase of flowers. It is a win win as they say. The basket of kindling also pairs as a useful decorative piece by holding our kindling for an evening fire while decorating the basket which for me, is as farmstyle as it gets. A blend of use and beauty.

a drink tray on a cozy farmhouse porch coffee table
kindling in a basket on a cozy farmhouse porch

Going a Step Further

When I had the exterior of this house painted, I asked them to leave the barewood roof over the porch area unpainted. At the time the painter looked at me funny when I asked and while it took me three years to finally do the tedious job of staining, I am so glad I did. The dark walnut stain is a perfect accent to the light french gray exterior of our home. I brought in a classic wooden screen door to finish the look which I went ahead and stained as well. Another tedious and long task but one well worth the effort.

stained roof on a cozy farmhouse porch
a wooden screen door on a cozy farmhouse porch
a bench with throw pillows on a cozy farmhouse porch

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