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An Old Garden Shed and Garden Projects, they seem endless this time of year.

exterior of an old garden shed

I have a TON of “I want to” projects” around my house. I have a sewing room waiting on me, a table in my kitchen I desperately need and a garden shed calling my name. At some point, this list will be completed and a new one will take its place. For now this is the list as it stands with a few other less pressing items to tackle. That is how us humans roll. Changing in all things around us and our desire to get things done.

I decided to get this garden shed underway with the general cleaning that was required to even start this project. For me, the cleaning and decluttering is the worst part of projects like these. But it’s a necessary place to start for an undertaking like this.

I walked in, coffee buzzed, ready to work, and stood shocked (and dare I say slightly embarrassed) in the doorway. I had been inside many times but today was the first time I had actually took a good look around.

Empty boxes, cartons from pool chemicals and straw from the hens bedding were scattered about. When did I become such a slob? I had empty paint cans stacked high on the right side and piles of dampened unusable leftover baseboards stacked across the room.Thick cobwebs clung to the walls to remind me I wasn’t alone.

a sink, cobwebbs inside an old garden shed project

The site was overwhelming as I took it all in. It’s hard to imagine cute shelving and neatly placed pots in this type of chaos.

Cleaning Up An Old Garden Shed

Irritated with myself I began taking things out one by one. Stacking the garbage on one side and items to be stored on the other.

Several trips to the garbage and lots of sweeping later it appeared I didn’t seem to make a dent in this behemoth of a mess. Before giving up for the day, I managed to find my pesticide and began spraying all the cobwebs and dark places.

I did this of course terrified and doing my best to distract myself from the thought they would run out at me for having sprayed their homes. I would like to also admit my unreasonable fear of survivors who may await my return.

a view from a window in the garden shed

When I finally called it a day, I turned back to look at my progress and felt happy I had began. Happy for this space and for the small vision of me in my garden boots puttering around inside.

Tomorrow I will begin again and soon after I will have this project checked off my list, making this house more mine in the process.

Tomorrow I will stand caffeinated, ready to work, broom in hand, ready to sweep up spider corpses while imagining those cute pots stacked neatly, in MY garden shed.

peg board with tools hanging inside a garden shed

I will try to not focus on any survivors who may watch me. I will continue on until yet another project has been completed. Ready to be checked off my list. Reminding myself that I can tackle anything even giant vengeful spiders.

I will look to my list encouraged. It really is in knowing that it all begins and yes, a bit of cleaning too.

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Shed with tools hanging on peg board

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