Fall Bulb Planting

Sharing my Fall Bulb Planting plans and a peek at this year’s garden along with tips for planting bulbs.

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Fall Bulb Planting

It is a time of total decay in the gardens. Of seed saving, removing dead plants, and cutting perennials back. It has been a year of growth not only in the actual size of the garden but for myself as a gardener. This space has stretched me thin and broken my spirits yet also given me absolute beauty.

This has been the largest garden I have maintained to date. Not that I have been at this long. This as most of you already know, is my first home to keep a garden. We are at the end of my third year as an official gardener. A term I use loosely as there is so much I need to learn.

However, I have decided that even three years in, I have earned that title. The hard work poured into creating this space has been that of actual blood, sweat, and a few tears. I am a gardener and like any gardener, seasoned or the like there is much to be learned. Although to be honest, I think that is part of the charm of tending a garden.

It is a living space that challenges you both physically and mentally. Allowing for a relationship that will have you growing together in every sense of the word. Some portions of my garden are not even an entire year old however, you might not know it to look at it. It seems old and set in its ways. As if it had always been there.

Simple Steps for Planting Bulbs

I like to plant bulbs for springtime and to do this, I plant them in the fall so that come spring, they have burst from the dirt and are blooming. Filling the garden without much work at all. You can, however, plant bulbs in the springtime too. The same goes in either season you decide to plant your bulbs in. Here I will share my simple steps for planting bulbs.

  • Dig a hole big enough to be able to bury the bulb a couple inches down.
  • Place the bulb nose side up (or roots down).
  • Cover the bulb completely with soil.
  • If planting in the fall as I am it is a good idea to also cover the bulbs with a good mulch to protect the roots.
  • Water them well after planting them as this will stimulate growth.

Cultivating a Living Space

I have found that plants can thrive in places they weren’t meant for. While others that are carefully placed seem to be dead on arrival. Thereby revealing to me my stubbornness as a person. I have at times been unwilling to accept defeat. In reality, there is a need to accept that plants die and even if I have our plans, the garden may disagree.

With it being the end of the season today I am cleaning up the remainder of the old plants and doing my fall round of bulbs. It is something I have done since the start. Putting in bulbs in the fall is not only a way to get ahead in the spring, but it is also a way to affordably add in perennials for years to come.

Bulbs Chosen

For this round of fall bulb planting, I have found some beautiful orange tulips and a gorgeous lavender-colored Freesia that pairs so perfectly with them. I can hardly stand to wait.

However, the truth is, this gardener could use a break. After the burden of watering a large garden like this without a drip line for the entire summer. I am all about a respite from this space. But I do have big plans for next season. I plan to share them all with you as I cultivate this space and create a small paradise in the form of a garden.

And of course, I can’t close out the season without paying homage to the beauty that this year brought. It’s been a beautiful time in this new space. I hope you will join me for another season. For now, I leave you with some beauty until next year.

garden beds packed with plants
chamomile flowers in a bed
a garden bed with sunflowers
a garden filled with bulbs

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