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Today I invite you along for an ASMR style video while I clean and make Homemade Potpourri. The kitchen has some grimy spots that are now visible in the afternoon sunlight. The garden is blooming like crazy so I will also be making a couple of homemade potpourris. One is a dried flower version along with a stovetop-style potpourri. I hope you find the video calming, inspiring, and if nothing else, it brings a bit of joy to your day.

Hello and welcome back to a quaint life.

We have just finished up lunch and I need to get this place back in order.

lady cleaning her kitchen and providing asmr sounds to go along with the cleaning.

It is also that time of year again. When things seem to need some freshening up. With all the natural sunlight pouring into the house, I can’t help but see things that need scrubbing. Today it’s the vent hood and my refrigerator. Both have a film and bits of food particles that show well in the sunlight. Not a good thing. I hope today’s video finds you well and that it provides a bit of homemaking, and cleaning inspiration to your day.

After getting things cleaned up. I like to make the house smell good and I think I will make a stove top potpourri.

homemade potpourri in a large stock pot with sliced oranges

Later a homemade dried flower potpourri. I will leave a link for making them below for you to check out. They are a great way to get a whole house scent without the toxins from artificial fragrances.

dehydrator trays with flowers drying for homemade potpourri

“She looked well into the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”

Proverbs 31:27

I hope you enjoyed today’s ASMR Clean with Me style video and post. I will see you on the next one.

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What is an ASMR Clean with Me Video or ASMR?

If you are curious as to what ASMR is, allow me to explain. You might find yourself enjoying the everyday sounds provided in the video. That is because those sounds of our everyday movement and interaction with life trigger a sensory response in our brains. It provides us with a sense of calming and peacefulness or a “brain massage” by simply hearing them.

Odd, I know but it is true and struck me when I found myself drawn to videos that produced sounds of what the person was doing in the video. After a bit of my own research, I concluded that these sounds often relaxed me and provided a sense of calmness.

Those sounds were referred to as ASMR and there is all sorts of different sounds associated with this sensory response not just cleaning. But cooking, baking, sounds in nature, walking on snow, movement of paper etc. It inspired me to make ASMR style videos myself in addition to the regular videos seen on my channel.

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lady cleaning in her kitchen and flowers for potpourri

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