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The Making Of a Gardener

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The Making of a Gardener, a personal story of where the passion for gardening began for me

It was a simple thing really, opening up that packet of seeds on that hot June day. I dropped them in there spots, covered them, watered and waited.

Each day, I would head out of the house to give them a drink of water, my only real piece of knowledge was that water equals life.

Who knew? My excitement for what I might find each morning was quickly seized once I approached the garden box showing only the bare dirt it did on the days before.

making of a gardener showing a small plant

The days went by,and as I turned to make my short walk back to the house I would tell myself, this is gardening, I have to be patient. 

Never the gardener before not a single day in my life but on these few early days there I stood having planted a few seeds inside a small 3 by 3 box I had fashioned out of a few beams from the home depot.

Nothing amazing. Yet I had no idea that the very site of them breaking through the earth would spark a passion in me that I have seldom felt in my life.

Growing into a Gardener

Once that day occured and it did, I felt a calm joy over me. Suddenly these tiny creatures would become an important part of my day.

They needed me and if I provided for them, they would give back to me in return their life’s gift. It was a quiet understanding between us. Unspoken of course. 

But It was much more than just some meager amount of vegetables to be eaten. It was something much deeper, something I was witnessing right before my very eyes.

Nature Beckons

Through all my reading, I knew that I needed to be closer to nature. I had distanced myself from her as many of us do. This world can be a noisy place where distractions often occur. Yet here in my backyard there was a kinship.

Nature is indeed where we human beings belong. We are intricately connected. Still you can’t realize this fact until you embrace it. It is where God is easily seen and the joy of being alive burns within you.

If you have the right eye. This thing that I am apart of now is the understanding of my place on this earth.

Just as the birds sing their songs, the bees tend to their  honey, and these plants that grow from the human being who sowed their seeds with hope. Out of these tiny seed packets spark a miracle and the dream of a gardener.

If you are lucky enough you will enjoy a fruit that was made possible by the help of worms, the dirt they sprang up from, the bees that knew to pollinate them and given to you as your reward for the patience you showed them.

African Daisys for pollinating those easy to grow list items
garden bed with plants growing
Lavender plant

Some would pass these tiny impressive miracles off as merely the cause and effect of planting anything.

Yet as a gardener I believe you intimately know this process, this magic. It is the harmony of this world.

Sharing is Caring

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