Creating a Farmhouse in the City

We’re staying and my decision for creating a farmhouse in in the city.

Throughout 2020 the notion to move away struck me often. The desire for a bit of land to farm and possibly a dairy cow is something of a dream. A more appealing one with the state of things.

Although I don’t know how far I’d go for it. Cause seriously, thats a ton of milk for just the two of us. Even so, the thought puts a smile on my face. 

My daughter not so much. She stated rather matter of factly just days prior, “mom, we’re not going anywhere so let’s not talk about it” and that was it.

It was was at that moment when I realized how much this home means to my her. She’s been through quite a bit in her young age and though she handled it all like a true champion, who could blame her? 

We were forced to sell the only home we shared with her father when he passed. Buying this home meant we could restart.

She could have her special place and memories of childhood once again. She could get comfortable and know that this was a permanent stay. So stay we will.

The dream of growing more of our own food, and raising whatever animals this land will permit me to keep is at hand.

This is our homestead.

Our home in the city is slowly being transformed into a place of beauty and food.  A city farmhouse with an urban farm right out the backdoor. Surely I didn’t realize what I was getting when I bought this home. The yard size was incidental. Now it i, the highlight of our home.

The trees have been removed to clear out the new garden space. Plans are actually drawn out and a clear vision is in my mind. Each day a bit more is done. Small changes will equate to a well throughout spring. Or so one can hope. 

Going in to the second year as a gardener here. There is so much more to come and share along the way. I hope you’ll stick around.

The New Gardens at our City Farm

red wheel barrow, log planter boxes in the urban farmhouse gardens
orange, black, and spotted chickens in run at a urban farmhouse in the city
city farm with rock garden bed with dirt filled near urban farmhouse
log garden bed in urban farmhouse
a red wheel barrow and rock planter with grass around

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