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Our Farmhouse in Town

Sharing is Caring

Our Farmhouse In Town sits on a quiet country style road on just under a 1/3 of an acre.

I was once described as a pretty city girl. I smile when I recall hearing this description of myself. To be summed up so quickly but accurately. I had never had a garden. Owned more then a weenie dog. Or kept any sort of living thing alive other then my daughter. I hated camping. Dirt, nature, bugs. The whole bit. A few close friends remark on those times with almost with amazement. I laugh too. Who would have thought there was a farmgirl in here?

But here we are are and here I am. Ready to put my hands in the dirt and create not only an abundant space but a beautiful one as well.

Here, living what I would call out our best life. We live in a smallish agricultural town. A town I grew up in. In a home sitting on a country style street with just under a 1/3 of an acre. If it was up to me, we would have 2 acres in the middle of nowhere. But my daughter is my other half. The one who brings me back down to reality. She reels me in when I am crazy with ideas. God chose her for me and it is a constant reminder how perfect he made this world.

I purchased this home approximately 3 years ago. It was a modest home with good bones, on a quiet street and tons of yard space.

Today it has become a farmhouse in the city that houses a flock of chickens, a large garden, multiple fruit trees and our newest edition, two ducklings.

It’s been a learning experience for both my daughter and I.

I hope it continues to serve as that. There is nothing like standing side by side with your children, and being able to teach life’s greatest lessons.

The value of putting your hand to something worthwhile.

To appreciate nature, life, food and togetherness.

Welcome to our farmhouse in town.

Sharing is Caring

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