• Simple Living

    Limoncello and Farm Chores

    Come along for a slow living day of Limoncello and Farm Chores. Today is a warm day and the garden is going crazy. I have all sorts of little chores I need to do around the property. But first, let’s make…

  • a lady placing lavender on a table
    Elevated Living

    Journey to a Simple Life

    Our Journey to a Simple Life was a step towards the unknown and one that I hope inspires you in your own life. With that, I hope you also enjoy today’s video. Two things I know for sure. I trust myself…

  • In the Home

    Creating Traditions

    Today I am discussing the idea of creating traditions and sharing some of my own. We are knee deep in all the  Christmas goodness at the moment. Christmas music blaring both inside and out in the car. Christmas movies going when…

  • a basket with lavender for simple living
    In the Home,  Inspiration

    The Value of Simple Living

    The Value of Simple Living is a discussion of what it is and what it means to live a more purposeful life with it. I often think about the concept of simple living. There are many things written and said about…