Saturday Homemaking Routine

Follow along for my Saturday Homemaking Routine for a day of outdoor chores that need to be done on a weekly basis, lighting our first fall fire and cooking over it.

What can be better than a weekend morning as a homemaker? More specifically, a Saturday. You know them well. These are the days when you can sit in a comfortable chair with your warm cup of coffee. Maybe read something or just relax. While the kids play. Or sleep in, dare I say that? I suppose that part depends on the age. But these days are the sort that allows you to ease into it. In the fall, you have all this and a pair of warm cozy socks to enjoy.

That second cup of coffee you allow yourself. Sure there will be work ahead. But it is the sort that allows for breaks and there are no real schedules to keep. That my friend is a Saturday. For me, a beautiful end to a week of chauffeuring my daughter, cooking meals, and countless tasks or work that needed doing. Today I invite you along to spend Saturday with me as I share my Saturday Homemaking Routine.

Saturday Morning Rituals

Saturdays are one of the best days of the week for me. I keep the house a little darker and quietly sit with my thoughts. It’s a peaceful time to ponder or just enjoy a beautiful book.

I love the fact that we are able to sleep in a little more and have that all-important extra cup of coffee before really starting the day. I like to make a nice breakfast on these weekend mornings. Today I have decided to make blueberry pancakes with warm maple syrup.

A large stack of pancakes on a plate

Outdoor Chores

There is always work to be done no matter what day of the week it is. I like to reserve the outside stuff for Saturday or the weekend in general. With no schedule to keep, the day is free to fill with items like yard work or scooping leaves from the pool.

Saturdays are also for washing the car. In our area, we have a lot of dust and dirt in the air from all the orchards so our car gets dusty pretty quickly. I find a once-a-week wash is necessary.

So is a once-a-week porch cleaning. I like to come out here, wipe the windows, sweep, and dust off the cushions. This is the first house I have had a porch and though it is small it’s cozy for the two of us.

Family Time

With the air nice and cool today, I am going to light the first fire of the season.

Saturdays are also for relaxing. So now that the chores are all done, it’s time for board games with some hot apple cider.

I can’t help but to want to be outside during this time of year. It seems like such a waste to spend the afternoon cooped up in the house when the weather is so nice.

a woman standing near a fire pit

For dinner, I am making black bean chili. I will link the recipe for your below. I figured with the fire going, I might as well make it outside.

For me, there is no better view than watching my girl run and play through the garden.

It has been a relaxing but productive Saturday. Thank you for coming along with me while I shared my Saturday Homemaking Routine.

For more homemaking inspiration, be sure to check out the homemaking tab. There you will find all sorts of homemaking motivation, inspiration, and tips for your home.

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