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How to Deal With Garden Fails

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How to Deal With Garden Fails

Aren’t you just sick of those weeds? Why must they grow so well and so fast? They pop up again and again giving me a vision of annoyance while in my garden. Today I am going at the weed clearing in a slower fashion than usual. I find my back appreciates patience these days. In our area we get these deep rooted weeds that are extremely hardy.

weeds in the garden bed

Once I begin to tug at them their small seeds begin to spread about causing a slight panic in me. I brush them up as much as possible but in the back of my mind I know their job is not done here nor is mine for that matter. So the work is endless but may these efforts be blessed with beauty for all who come here to enjoy.

weeds growing in a flower patch of a garden

This area I am prepping today is where all my winter bulbs will be placed for a Spring bloom. Tulips, Irises, and Alliums will line my sunny fence come Springtime. The honey bees will have plenty to buzz around and my garden should be happy about this. It is a vision in my mind that keeps me moving forward. It got me to thinking, this gardening thing is a long commitment. Not a short one. We are in a marathon and not a sprint.

cherry blossoms that survived the how to deal with garden fails

We often think of the fruit of any labor not the actual work that goes into it. I am sure the Home Depot knows  this one all too well and is happy for it. Come Spring time, these stores will be filled with garden delights that will entice even the most unskilled of us. By Summer most will have given up on their efforts. During some of my most epic garden fails, the thought had crossed my mind.

The simple truth is, gardening is hard work. Failue is par for the course. Like it or not, we are not in control here. It can be hard to stay motivated through this. Especially when faced with an aphid outbreak that demolishes your garden beds or in my case a heap of curious squirrels that dig them up. 

I actually had both happen last season and as one might imagine, it was not my best day in the garden. The intense frustration at the sight of dug up plants can be a bit devastating. But what I can tell you is that when you take the time to learn how to cultivate your skills you will be rewarded.

Developing Your Skills

Developing your skills is essential to any thing you do really. Once of the very best garden books I have ever read is “One Magic Square”. It’s filled with an easy to understand guide to gardening written beautifully and packed withall sorts of solutions. It even has garden plot ideas that help you understand what grows well together. Which has been the most helpful for me personally.

new garden area with beds and grass how to deal with garden fails

So take a few minutes out of your day and read up on some of these things you may struggle with. Don’t give up on those garden dreams at the first sign of failure. If history has taught us anything, its that no good success came without failure. So get on with the failures, smile through them. Learn and check back here with me as I tend to like to share my tips and knowledge on the subject quite a bit. And with that, I am at the point in my day to head back out to my “magic square”, well it will be once the weeds are dealt with….

Sharing is Caring

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