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Natural Skincare | My Natural Skincare Routine

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This guide for Natual Skincare is my actual natural skincare routine that I have been using for over a year now and have seen great results.

natural skincare routine washing face in bathroom

Years ago I decided to go about my skincare routine in the same way I cared after my home. Utilizing natural remedies when able and keeping things as holistic as I possibly could. Just like I don’t want toxins in my home or food, I don’t want them on my skin or hair either. I am also a pretty big fan of any at home beauty treatments that work! And if they are natural, even better!

Today I would like to share with you my natural skincare routine that I continue to do both daily and weekly with great success. I have noticed my skin feels better, is more even toned and I almost never have a breakout anymore (knock on wood). If you are wondering about my skin type, I have combination skin that used to get a bit more oil throughout the day in my t-zone areas. This too has improved and oddly enough by using oil to wash my skin, it somehow has gotten less oily on it’s own. Hallelujah!

Oil Washing

What You Will Need

Organic Coconut Oil or a Organic High Quality Olive Oil

Facial Towel


Oil washing has many benefits some of them include protecting your lipid layer of your skin, using an oil to wash helps control the oil in your skin as well as protects the good bacteria that is on it. Oil washing is great for make up removal and also for keeping away toxins that are widely used in facial washes. Not to mention, it makes your skin feel soft and has been known to heal acne while hydrating the skin.


Begin by tying your hair back. Take a bit of the oil into your hand and begin massaging it into your skin just as you would a facial cleanser. Make sure to wash your neck, and decolletage area as it should be cared for as well. After the oil has been worked into the skin. Run your facial towel under hot water, wring out and wipe down your face, neck and decolletage are to remove the oil. Wring out and rinse the towel as necessary. Pat dry and apply your normal lotion or cream.

Natural At Home Facial

What You Will Need

1 tsp brown sugar, salt or white sugar

1-2 tsp olive oil

facial towel

large bowl


The benefits of doing this Natural At Home Facial Once a week will help to remove dead skin cells, clean pores deeply and give your skin a bit of extra pampering.


This at home facial is one I do weekly to give my skin some much needed extra love. It works as a great exfoliation facial and helps keep my skin even toned. After oil washing my face as usual. I do the natrual at home facial.

To do this you take a small tray, plate or bowl, add the sugar or salt. Pour the oil over and mix it until combined. Begin with some of the mixture in your hand and start massaging gently into your skin. Be sure to use caution as you don’t want to over scrub but lightly massage on to the skin in a circular motion. For this, I also apply this to my neck and decolletage area making sure not to press too hard as these are delicate skin areas.

To rinse, take your facial towel and run it under the hot water. Wring out the towel and wipe the mixture off. As with the oil washing, rinse and repeat as neccessary to remove all the oil and bits of sugar or salt. When done, head over to a table and place a bowl of hot water on it. Lean your face over the hot water and drape a towel over your head. The idea here is to not touch the water with your face at all but to allow the steam to work on your pours and remove excess bacteria and so fourth from the skin. Set a timer for 5 minutes. I promise when you are done you will feel like you had a real facial from the spa right in your own home and with natural products.

Tools You May Need

Natural Reusable Facial Towels

Organic Coconut Oil

Organic Olive Oil

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