• grapefruit sugar scrub in a mason jar
    Natural Beauty

    Grapefruit Sugar Scrub

    Grapefruit Sugar Scrub is an invigorating sugar scrub that works excellent for exfoliation and can be used anywhere on the body. Let’s face it, we all get dry skin. From head to toe. It seems like the winter months offer dry…

  • charcoal lavender soap bars in a stack
    Natural Beauty

    Charcoal Lavender Soap Bars

    Charcoal Lavender Soap Bars are a simple soap recipe that helps draw out toxins and bacteria while soothing the skin with the calming properties of lavender. Making your own natural body products is the perfect way to take more control over…

  • natural deodorant inside deodorant containers
    Natural Beauty

    Natural Deodorant without Baking Soda

    This Natural Deodorant without Baking Soda is great for sensitive skin and is made from simple ingredients. Natural Deodorant has become somewhat of a conquest for me. I have set out numerous times in hopes of swapping out my store bought…

  • natural eye cream in a container
    Natural Beauty

    Natural Eye Cream Recipe

    This Natural Eye Cream Recipe works well for moisturizing the skin around the eyes while providing anti aging benefits. I have just about every part of the body covered as far as moisturizing creams go. From a moisturizing Whipped Body Butter…

  • homemade sugar scrub in a mason jar
    Natural Beauty

    Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe

    This Homemade Sugar Scrub recipe is so simple to make with just two ingredients! It works wonderfully to help exfoliate the dry dead skin on your body while leaving it soft and silky. Years ago I stumbled across this little gem.…

  • diy natural lip balm
    Natural Beauty

    DIY Natural Lip Balm

    This DIY Natural Lip Balm is an easy to make recipe that creates a moisturizing balm for the lips that has a slightly sweet scent. It is truly shocking and rather disappointing to realize a product that you have used for…

  • natural dry shampoo recipe
    In the Home,  Natural Beauty

    Natural Dry Shampoo Recipe

    This Natural Dry Shampoo Recipe is a natural way to help reduce the amount of oil build up in your hair with a simple powder mixture. For years I have struggled trying to find a good dry shampoo that actually worked.…