Becoming a Morning Person [5 Benefits]

Discussing 5 possible benefits of Becoming a Morning Person and what has changed for me in forming this habit.

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It is not a natural thing for me to rise in the morning, ready to meet the day. It is something I have to work at. Constantly. When people say, I am just not a morning person and continue sleeping in. They are basically justifying their own desire to simply sleep. I know this because, I do it. And have done so for many years.

The truth is, I love to sleep. I look forward to my cozy soft bed at the end of a long day and I am not one to skimp on the amount of it. You won’t catch me going on less than 8 hours in any given day. I mention this because getting up early with the attempt at becoming a morning person, is hard for me. It might be the same for you. But it is not impossible by any means. In doing so I have uncovered a few benefits that might motivate you to give it a try.

The Reset and Recharge

Mornings are absolutely peaceful. I love to sit with a fresh cup of coffee with nothing but the silence of the morning to keep me company. I sometimes will do a little bit of writing at this time or some reading. But if either of these does not happen, the silence is enough.

Our minds are busy and stimulated constantly throughout each day and giving myself just a bit of silence works as a reset. I find that this has brought a charge to the day that I didn’t have before.

Normally I’d stumble out of bed taking every single last moment I could possibly get before I would absolutely have to be up. The hour of hitting the snooze was never enough and it set the tone for the entire rest of the day.


When I feel rushed, I don’t get my coffee and I forget things,  I get grumpy. I know I am not alone in this. Because I have lived with my little sister for two years and we both did this almost regularly.

I’d hear her hitting the snooze right after Id hit mine. Our grumpy selves would meet at the coffee pot with scowls on our faces.Now that I expect to be up early, I go to bed early. Being up early doesn’t mean you lose sleep. I think that’s important to note here. It is more a decision to have a set bed time than anything else.


Though I know there is no actual “added” hours to the day when getting up early. It does have an effect on productivity. I noticed that the time spent sitting with my coffee, gave room for planning the days events. I began making a to do list for the day.

This had led to actually having a planned day that is full of productivity. Versus a day that I am frantically feeling like I need to play catch up with. More so, the day gets started earlier. Because I gave myself the time to get mentally and physically ready for the day.

More Gratitude

I have always pretty much been a grateful person. Regularly noticing the blessings around me. But the early morning practice of intentionally writing them down has made me even more so. Before getting up early, I didn’t have the time to write anything down. Let alone sit and give thought to it.

With a calmer morning, this has become a daily practice and one benefit I take into account to motivate me to rise early.

Less Anxiety

Anxiety is about the most annoying of all human emotions to me. It is basically a fathom in your mind that exists to torment you with anxious thoughts. These thoughts are most of the time running in the back of your mind while you try your very best to ignore them. I had no idea what the heck anxiety was when I was younger and thought I was an absolute freak when I would get it. 

In my younger days, I waited tables for a living when I noticed having it for the first time.  Remembering those times when it would happen clearly. I’d walk over to a table and all of a sudden, a rush of nerves would come over me followed by words that at times came out scrambled or way too fast. I would want to run and hide under a rock.

It was unexplainable to me. I would think I had too much coffee or maybe a speech impediment that went undiagnosed.

When you rush out of your house, not eat a proper breakfast and throw an outfit together you feel horrible, you are just about asking for anxiety. The feeling of being rushed causes your nerves to start up and the social aspect of feeling thrown together is enough to make me cringe. I loathe that feeling. But ask me how many times I have done this very thing to myself? Countless times!

Where To Start

I realize that it is much easier said than done. We can declare all we like the night before about the morning wake up. But as soon as that alarm goes off, it can be very tempting to hit that snooze button. I suggest starting small. Try setting your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you presently do. Instead of trying to bounce out of bed hours earlier than normal. Ensure you get to bed at a good hour that allows you the time you need to sleep. If you struggle getting up at all, place your alarm across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a morning person may seem impossible at the moment. However, it is like anything else in life. It starts with a decision and a bit of discipline. If you can get through the first week or so of doing it, you will begin seeing the results of this change in your life. With that, hopefully this can help you form a lasting habit.

Remember that sometimes the small changes are the ones that have the greatest impact on our lives.

Stay well,


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