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Sharing an average day as a homemaker, single mom and entrepreneur living on a small homestead in California. Join me, won’t you?

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Life here is ever-changing, like it very well may be for you in your home. There is ALOT of moving parts to my day. Mostly, cause I am on the move as a homemaker, single mom, business owner, homesteader, and whatever else I can pile onto this list. To me, life is about learning, growing, and hopefully applying that knowledge to the betterment of our lives. Or at least that is the intention, right?

Whatever the case may be, I thought I would bring you in for an entire day spent here in our little farmhouse in the city.

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Where It All Starts

This little homestead of ours requires daily work. Although I will confess it is not as difficult as it might sound. It does consist of a daily few minutes to ensure that the animals and garden have what they need for the day.

It’s early still and the very first thing I do each morning is come out here to feed the chickens and change their water. Our baby hens are fully grown and about to begin laying. These girls have blended into their new environment, making my job much easier. Honestly, I was a little nervous adding them as I have read that this isn’t always the case when adding new chickens to a flock.

After the animals are settled it’s time for plant care, i.e. watering. I water my plants on the patio and in the garden every other day. Yes, I hand water, and yes, I know about drip systems. Believe me, that is on my to-do list along with about a dozen or so other items.

This year I have been diligent about watering on this schedule and it has paid off as most of my potted plants have survived the brutal heat of summer.

Garden Finds

The tomatoes are heavy on the vine once again, so I grabbed a basket from the kitchen to fill after watering. Every summer, I like to make a few batches of sun-dried tomatoes. To do this I lay the tomatoes evenly out on baking sheets with a little salt and olive oil then bake them on low for a few hours to dry them out.

This is the perfect little chore to do when having a busy day cause while the tomatoes are drying out in the oven; I am busy plucking away at the computer keys and the long list of tasks still needing my attention.

By 10 am, I am hungry and ready for that first cup of coffee to go with the fresh eggs from the hens. I do intermittent fasting so this time of day is important for me, especially since cutting back on caffeine. During this time I like to read my bible and get a good sense of peace for the day. There is often too much swirling around in my brain and this one act helps me center myself.

eggs and nectarines in a box

Getting Dressed

After all the chores, the writing, editing, breakfast, and finally the coffee, I get dressed officially for the day. Working from home, dressing every day can seem pointless but I enjoy being dressed and ready for the day. I believe there is power in it.

a homemaker getting ready for the day

I also consider this to be a form of self-care. Mostly because I can feel the difference in my self-confidence as well as my mood when I do this as opposed to when I don’t. If you can, take just a few minutes to do the little things that make you feel ready and presentable for the day.

House Sweep

Finally at the point of having a few things under my belt for the day. I can make the house “right”. Or at the very least, “right” enough. I do this by a back-of-the-house sweep tidying up the bathroom picking up towels, and putting away items left out on the countertop. I finish up with wiping the countertop and ensuring the bathroom is overall, presentable.

The next stop is my bed, yes I wait a little to make my bed. This is usually done just before lunch and directly after dressing for the day. Slowly I make my way to the main living areas of the house. Picking up anything I see out of place, straightening up the couch, and starting my Roomba. It is at this point, that the house is whipped back into shape and I feel my most productive. This is all a part of my homemaking daily routine.

A rhythm I depend on year round to keep my home in order.

Meals and Beauty

When all is put right I am back in the kitchen for lunch. On this particular day, I opted to make chicken salad. A little celery, chopped grapes, and a few of last year’s harvest of California walnuts grown on my parent’s farm. It was the perfect quick lunch for a busy day.

chicken salad in a bowl

I have to admit, that in this latter part of summer, it is difficult to keep my mind from moving towards fall. I have the urge to switch up the décor and swap things out anyone else with me on this?

Instead, of giving in, which was not easy mind you; I opted to grab a few artificial blooms from the local craft store to hold me over. This large bouquet is gorgeous on the table. It gives just the right amount of color to satisfy my craving for the beautiful season ahead.

a bouquet of flowers on a dining room table

With the house in order, my small bouquet project completed and several various to-dos checked off my list; my day then ends with dinner. Tonight it’s heated leftovers, another save most homemakers can appreciate and tomorrow it all starts again.

Happy Homemaking to you!

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