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Now That’s A Ground Cover!

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With it being fall in California it’s the perfect time to do your plantings. The weather is cooler, the ground is a little softer from the bit of rain we get and it’s just enough time before our first day of frost (November 20th) to get those roots established before winter is officially upon us. One planting my daughter and I just completed that I want to share with you is our Red Creeping Thyme. I am especially excited for this planting since last year I made the absolute mistake of thinking I could establish grass in this part of my property, turns out manually having to water something daily is a pain and not gonna happen here.

Now as for this thyme this is not an herb for our kitchen rather than a beautiful ground cover that with any luck should take up a good amount of the not so lush grass area we have in the back side of our property. I wanted to share this planting in particular because it is perfect for zone 9 where I am located which if you don’t know is in Northern California. If you live in this zone this planting is a good one for you to consider. In our particular area, this thyme will bloom into a gorgeous fiery pink due to our climate here. It is drought tolerant, beautiful and when you walk on it, it gives off a nice lemony scent.

I made 6 plantings of good sized ones making sure to keep them about eight inches apart as they will spread on their own and you want to give them plenty of room to stretch out. When planting it’s a good idea to add a little compost to your soil. These plants like well draining soil and direct sunlight but will still do ok in partial shade areas as well. This amazing ground cover even helps to choke out weeds believe it or not; But make sure if and when you plant it that you do remove the weeds around it because it will need to establish itself before taking over the area you plant it in.

For the first week or so while its adjusting to its new home, make sure to keep it a bit moist but not soaked. I cannot wait for Spring to arrive to see ours in full bloom. I will likely do an update blog post on its progress but if you have this in your yard or plan to plant some yourself I would to see it so feel free to post it in the comments. 

Happy planting!


Sharing is Caring

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