Meditations in the Garden

Meditations in the Garden, is the zen like experience of getting lost in thought while weeding.

It is a gloomy, damp day. A day where the mud is thick and the weeds are never-ending. A quick peak out the window, my eyes can’t help but fall on the rapid growth of weeds that seem to thrive in these months. Is there ever a month without them?

It hardly seems so. I grabbed my boots and made my way out back to pluck a few while the sun popped out. It is deeply satisfying to pluck the entire roots up from the softened soil. As I filled my pail I took a glance around. This place ain’t half bad. Not two years ago it was a patchy yard with only weeds. Now it is filling in with lovely plants that the weeds now have to compete with.

On a hot summers day the garden can be an unforgiving and a brutal place to be.

Equally so, in the coldest parts of winter, it is a barren, muddy piece of land that is too cold to be for any real length of time. However, when the weather is between these two extremes, it is a place of magic. The work done here somehow allows the mind to flow more freely. It is true, I do my best thinking here. Often, I enter the house from the garden only to head straight to my computer to write out my thoughts.

I yanked the weeds from the wet earth thinking ahead of what this space will be. What it is already becoming and recalled what it once was. Building anything requires a combination of determination and grace. Realizing I am only halfway there. Having only the determination. Presently the grace seems to evade me.

The garden is a space all its own. On many days it seems bursting with production. Days when you are most proud and stand back in awe of the reward from the workload.

But on these rain-filled days, the garden only serves as a place to get lost while weeding. A practical and meditative experience in one.

I wonder how I had lived a life without having such a silent place to retreat. A place to get lost in and fully feel life. The dirt underfoot, the smell of the earth. It is a place for all the senses.

However, the silence is what is most appealing to me. Only to be broken by infrequent chirps from birds. Their song is a welcomed sound. It is here I long for life. For my dreams, my intentions, and where I can allow beautiful thoughts to take hold. The meditation in the garden is a recharge for the mind and soul.

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