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Easy To Grow List | Whole Eating

This Easy To Grow List and Whole Eating post consists of veggies I started with as a new gardener and still grow today. Sharing a bit about my own garden along side a few favorites that you can grow to get you off to a good start.

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What a difference a year makes. This month marks my official first year in the gardens. Some may know this already but it’s the only garden I have ever had in my life. I have never attempted to grow a single thing and yet here I am, dead set on growing as much of our food as I can manage. It all began with a zuchinni plant bursting through the dirt late one July afternoon. You can read more about that day here. Supposing you already know that story. It set off a deeply rooted desire in me to grow more. Slowly I added to the list, but if I am being honest, I favor the easier items to grow. I don’t like fussing too much in my garden. So I rely heavily on the things that want to grow here and with ease.

It all started here in this patchy, weeded and over grown yard. A place that had me overwhelmed to care for and at a loss for growing any grass with the density of the trees shading out all hope for it. Looking around at the once barron space, I am humbled by the pay of the hardwork. I call our home, our property a city farmhouse and though it is not sitting on a typical farm per se, it is a place that is cultivated to grow and raise as much food as one person can. Well two people but mostly the work of one, if you have kids you understand this.

grassy area with a wheel barrow, future garden space for easy to grow items in t
easy to grow garden spaces

My Gardens

In case you were wondering, my gardens are for both beauty and for food. I find the flowers necessary as they feed my soul and provide lots of pollinators in addition to their beauty.  I find looking down at an entire dinner plate that was grown by your hand is extremely rewarding.

When I am out “working the land”, so to speak, I feel a deep rooted sense that I am supposed to be doing this. That we are as humans. Human beings have been working the land and growing food for themselves throughout our entire history but it has become a bit of a perplexing notion to most modern day people. After all we are living in the day of conveniece. I am often asked why do I bother?

The answer to this, (although certainly becomes a bit foggy when I am having to pull weeds in a heat wave) BUT when in clear thought  I can certainly speak to the organic quality of food and I find the reliance of modern amenities a bit scary. We rely too much on the ups driver and not on our own skill for the essentials we need in life.

lavender plant
sunflowers near a fence

The Desire For Quality

I can be a bit passionate about this. As it is my desire to feed us the most healthy of choices as far as food goes while passing along valuable lessons to my daughter. And while the food is not always 100 percent organic, it is the very best I can get my hands on. Food is fuel, and food is also a great source of joy. Being able to provide it by your own hand is empowering. 

What a gift it is that we get to nourish our bodies by doing this thing called eating every day. Why not make it the very best each time both in the way you do it and the quality?

basket of eggs

Our Space

This space, my yard, has provided a hobby style “farm” with fresh eggs, organic veggies and tons of herbs. In just one year I have been able to place productive veggie boxes, tons of flowers and so many herbs I have lost count. 

garden bed with clay pots along side

Just the other morning Paris and I ventured out and dug up some potatoes for a salad.  If you’ve never harvested potatoes they are like a treasure hunt in the dirt.

Digging them up alongside my daughter is another aspect that speaks to me as a mother and her teacher. I want her to know and understand the value of good food. Where it comes from and why it’s important to nourish your body with whole foods cooked from scratch rather than a package. 

girl with shovel harvesting potatoes that are easy to grow

Food in Real Form

Cooking from scratch has become quite a dying concept I know, but it’s not super complicated and can be just as quick as any freezer meal available. In fact, the recipes I post land on the easier side of things for this very reason. I want to encourage people to eat better, with their families and add that excess of joy through good food. 

As a bit of a newer gardener, a professional by no means, I want to leave you with a few veggies that are easy to grow straight from seed and will give you organic produce with minimal effort. 

Easy To Grow List




Italian Parsley









Each of these are ones that I have grown straight from seed.Through direct sowing and for the potatoes, from the rooted buds of an old potato. By simply placing them in good soil and watering consistently. It is only a matter of days for them to arise from the dirt. It is a sight that pleases us amateur gardeners and keeps us in anticipation for the fruit to come. And they do. Some are so prolific in fact that you will only need just a few of them to keep you in stock for the entire summer.

Having a garden, even a small one adds to the beauty of summer and creates a seasonal satisfaction for the warmer days. I encourage you to get your hands in the soil and sow a few seeds for tomorrow no matter how big your space is. 


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