Dinner for Two Valentines Day at Home

Sharing my annual Dinner for Two, Valentine’s Day at-home dinner menu complete with full recipes. This year is a Bistro-style meal complete with dessert.

Cook With Me

Valentine’s Day around here is about food, fun, and a fancy night in for my daughter and me. I obviously, named this blog post dinner for two. However, dinner for two on Valentine’s Day does not limit you to a significant other and it truly does not mean you can’t celebrate without one. After all, this is the holiday that celebrates love in whatever form you have it to celebrate.

For me, it just so happens to be my daughter whom I will be cooking for. If you have little ones to make a special night at home for, know that this menu I will be sharing is great for up to 4 considering your children are younger with smaller appetites. As well as it can be doubled to accommodate the whole family for the occasion.

Food is one of those top priority things when I am planning a holiday as there always will be eating. For me, cooking is the highlight of the gathering whether big or small. I try to plan a menu that is not too overwhelming but one that feels as special as the occasion itself.

I don’t like overwhelming myself in the kitchen and when it comes to making both a meal and a dessert, well this can happen quite easily if I am not too careful. So I am happy to share this year’s “bistro-style” menu with you which does not take too long at all to whip up. But does have a very special and very holiday feel to it. Let’s dive into these recipes.

On The Menu

Click the titles of any of the recipes shown below and it will take you straight to the full recipe with instructions. Or cook with me in the video version listed above.

Skillet Steak and Mushrooms

This steak and mushrooms recipe is so simple to prepare and the presentation gives a lovely wow factor that we are looking for in a holiday meal or any sort of special dinner we are serving. I love the fact I can have this on the table in minutes and the recipe is almost foolproof.

Skillet steak and mushrooms with rosemary

Crispy Oven Fries

I don’t know a single person who does not enjoy a good French fry. They are crisp, salty, and plain delicious! Pair them with a steak and mushrooms combo and you have yourself a well-thought-out Valentine’s Day meal. Certainly with this post, I hope I have saved you the trouble.

Needless to say, these fries are the perfect pairing and the best part is they won’t have you standing over a crackling hot pot of oil to cook them. You can easily cut, season, and toss into the oven to cook just before starting the steak and mushrooms.

crispy oven fries in a skillet

No Cream Chocolate Mousse

This creamy rich mousse takes but a few ingredients to whip up and needs to be made ahead of time. Which is just as well. You can mix up this recipe, and have it chilling for hours before any sort of cooking needs to be started.

chocolate mousse being spooned out of dessert glass

To serve the meal, don’t overlook the important part of setting the scene. For this, I like to add a few fairy lights, a lit candle, and of course, I set the table. You don’t need fancy dishes for this as the scene of a set table is far better than one that is not. Add a vase of flowers and you have a table that is ready for a celebratory meal at home.

a table set for two for dinner

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!



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