• homemade sourdough pancakes
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    Homemade Sourdough Pancakes

    This Homemade Sourdough Pancakes recipe makes delicious, healthy fermented pancakes with the use of a sourdough starter. A typical Saturday morning ritual has always been a day to make pancakes, have an extra cup of coffee, and spend half the morning…

  • easy sourdough dinner rolls in a cast iron skillet

    Easy Sourdough Dinner Rolls

    These Easy Sourdough Dinner Rolls are a great compliment to any meal with their fluffy texture and delicious sourdough flavor. The best part is you can make them the same day or do a long ferment to have them on your…

  • sourdough pizza dough
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    Sourdough Pizza Dough

    Sourdough Pizza Dough is a make ahead pizza dough that has a delicious sourdough flavor and is made using a sourdough starter. A few years back I began learning about sourdough. It had been something I had very little knowledge of…

  • sliced up sourdough focaccia bread
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    Sourdough Focaccia Bread

    Sourdough Focaccia Bread is a versatile, rosemary and garlic flavored bread that is delicious on its own or used as a sandwich bread. On our property we grow all sorts of herbs. I love having a variety of them on hand…