• cheesy squash casserole in a baking dish
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    Cheesy Squash Casserole

    This Cheesy Squash Casserole is made with sliced squash in a creamy white sauce with cheese baked on top. We are in the midst of summer and that means the squash plants are giving off their bounty full throttle. Squash plants…

  • a table with fruit and a mason jar of easy red wine sangria
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    Easy Red Wine Sangria

    This Easy Red Wine Sangria is a delicious authentic-tasting simple sangria made with red wine and fresh fruit for the perfect summer drink. A few years back I took a trip with my daughter and some friends to Barcelona. A busy…

  • pantry staples to make meals
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    Meals Made From Pantry Staples

    These Meals Made From Pantry Staples are delicious and also a good choice for a vegetarian dinner. We have all been there. Those busy days that more often than not occur when the groceries are running low. Through all the busyness…

  • cozy one pan meal of potato soup in a white bowl
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    Three Cozy One Pan Meals

    Today I am sharing three cozy one pan meals that are delicious and simple to make. Winter has officially started and I am happy to say our tree is down! I almost could not stand it for one more day. I…

  • In the Kitchen,  Recipes

    Easy Fall Dinner Ideas

    This week I am sharing a fall dinner menu to give you some Fall Dinner Ideas in your home. Follow the link for the full recipes. When the weather begins to turn, the clothes get swapped out and the craving for…