Top 5 Kitchen Essentials For The From Scratch Cook (2021)

Sharing my Top 5 Kitchen Essentials tools for 2021 to use in the kitchen that are extremely helpful when cooking from scratch.

In all my years of learning how to cook, it really does boil down to just a few things that any good cook truly needs. It can vary from cook to cook since the exception is the type of cooking being done. However on this blog, the food found on here is what I would call whole food cooking. Using actual ingredients to cook food and veering away from cooking food out of packages or canned items. This list is of my very favorite things to use when cooking and I find them to be true essentials in every sense of the word.

Food Processor

Number one on this list is my trusty food processor. The one pictured here is at least 12 years old. This thing has zipped through salsas, coleslaw, pie crusts, biscuits, hummus, pesto all while being slammed shut and banged back into place for another batch. My impatient self has forced it to close, packed it as full as it could possibly stand and yet here it stands, turning on a dime. It is a true kitchen essential and a tool that has helped me many times over in my kitchen.

Cast Iron Skillets

You know this one was gonna be mentioned. These things are work horses. They are affordable, work for many things including baking, have incredible durability and for this, are a kitchen essential. If you are new to cast iron rest assured I have you covered. You can learn more about how to cook with, care for and clean these amazing pans in this blog post about how to care for your cast iron cookware. Cast iron pans are great for a variety of things like searing meats, frying potatoes and even grilling veggies. My cooking has definitely gotten better over the years and cast iron is one of my secrets. Below is a list of great cast iron pieces to add to your kitchen supply.

Immersion or Hand Blender

I debated on this one making the list. I mean is it truly an essential per say? Well here is what did it for me. The fact that I make our own mayo. You absolutely need this tool if you are making your own mayo. It whips it up in literal seconds. In our house I don’t buy store bought salad dressings either as they are packed with unhealthy ingredients and so this little tool works great to get them whipped up in no time. Not to mention smoothies, whipped cream and blending up creamy soups. It is a little hand held wonder.

Dutch Oven

Ok, so I already mentioned cast iron. BUT the dutch oven is a must, seriously. If you buy one cast iron piece, let it be this. You can fry in it, make bread in it and this is what I use to make our homemade fermented yogurt. Of course soups and stews are great in it. But even a roast or whole chickens can be made up in a dutch oven. They last a lifetime and will be used time and time again in your kitchen.

Stand Mixer

Saving the best for last, well maybe. I do really love all of these items on this list. But perhaps I am saving the most expensive for last. So if you are wanting to invest in a great item and you budget allows for it, let it be a stand mixer. Now you might notice this one I have here is not a kitchen aid. Well I have used kitchen aid mixers before in my kitchen. They work great however the price tag is a bit high in my opinion.

So when buying a new stand mixer, I did A LOT of research and found this wonder. Under $200 dollars, this mixer has been amazing to use. Breads, pizza doughs, cookies, cakes, whipped cream. You name it, it has been made here. My breads take about 5 minutes of kneading on number 3 speed. The dough is perfectly supple and ready as if I did the work myself. I will link the one I got below if you would like to check it out.

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