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The weather is CRAZY lately. Not just here in Northern California but it seems to be unpredictable just about everywhere. Lately the air feels like spring in mid January of all times; And once the rain clears up, everything seems to burst into growth mode. I am itching to get outside and resume my garden fever.

 Today that’s exactly what I did. I went out, rubber boots and all and began pulling at the dry crusty weeds that took over the side of my house last summer. There is just this one large patch on the side of my house, where my daughters wild garden is that has the most aggressive weeds I have ever dealt with. Today they didn’t stand a chance as the rain had loosened up their grip on the earth and I was there to take full advantage of this.

The absolute joy you get from pulling an obnoxious weed out by the root is so satisfying.

Three buckets later I decided it was time to stand back and admire my work.

 In my minds eye I can see this area filled with flowers, a bench and a few walking paths. For a moment I thought of how it looked now compared to how it WILL look once all the work was done. 

 For now it lays bare, a dry patch of woodsy weeds and a few shrubs that won’t die NO MATTER WHAT I do. Bleach baths, round up, and the several attempts of my shovel digging them up have all come up short. They want to live DARN it and live they will. Honestly, who am I to defy this natural wonder?  At least for now. I have surrendered to them.

As the days grow warmer,  I work diligently towards what I want the space to be. What I know it can be. 

 As I stood there, I realized this was a perfect example of life. This dry weed ridden patch of unused yard. 

The thing is, we sometimes don’t know exactly how something will come about or how we will get from one point to the next. However, if we want something bad enough we will figure it out. But we have to see it in our minds eye first don’t we? And then we can have it.

Lavender plant

 The clear vision of a dream drives us each day to work towards our desired result. It’s when we don’t have this clarity in our vision that our desires are not realized. We give up and feel defeated at the first sign of resistance. In my case, this could be these awful weeds or these indestructible shrubs that are now a permanent part of this landscape.

But the biggest part of anything you want is done mostly in your mind. After all a dreams only real requirement is that we have a precise conception of the desired want.This provides the drive to work towards something. So when you set a new goal or have a new dream, you need to get crystal clear about it. 

My vision for this space  is filled with flowers, a beautiful walkway and a few raised veggie beds just across the way. It will be a garden on its own and an access way to another garden space. 

We will sit here one day, having tea or lunch with friends. It will be a space for everyone to sit in nature and just enjoy.

I see you garden, CLEARLY  and I am coming for you…


Sharing is Caring

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