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Wardrobes and Womanhood

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Wardrobes and Womanhood, little musings on dressing for the day and wearing items that make us feel womanly.

With the warm weather quickly approaching I find myself wanting to add some new looks to the mix. A dress perhaps or new shoes maybe. Whatever the case may be the warm weather has us all trading out our bulky sweaters for more breathable choices.

It’s funny how almost shocking it is to go from something forgiving and baggy to a more form fitted look as we often wear in summer time. In our area, the heat can be unbearable so there is no hiding in clothes during those warm summer months.

In fact just today I busted out my first dress of the season today only to find I am a bit pastier than I’d like to be.

With that being said,I am upping my walking, my yoga and I have begun incorporating lighter meals where I  can. I tell myself this will help. But most likely it won’t make a major difference as my workouts are anything but intense. 

To be frank, they are a lazy man’s workout. I’d rather be sweating in my garden then a gym truth be told.

But even still, it’s an incredible thing how clothing can make you feel. A well put together outfit and earrings is a day changer I tell you.

 Being a woman is such a remarkable gift.

This whole femininity thing is pretty cool if you ask me. 
Bring me the red lipstick, pretty handbag and a well fitted dress.

Some days you may find me sporting a baseball hat schlepping my child around the town so if you see me, here is my ownership of those days.

On others I like to look nice even if we are going to be home all day. 
For me I think in some way it makes the day go better.
 I believe when  we feel good about ourselves it kind of transforms our mood. We are uplifted. Suddenly less annoyed even. Which lets face it, adds to our children’s days as a ripple effect.

I even think people tend to treat us better which may or may not be a good thing depending on your perspective however there is truth in it.
But above dressing for anyone else, I believe in dressing for ourselves.

 It’s our own little celebration of being a woman and taking pride in it each and every chance we get. Which brings me to ask.

What are some of the things that you wear that make you feel amazing?


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