Best Tips For Traveling With Kids

Today I am sharing my Best Tips for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be down right DAUNTING! Let’s face it, it’s hard enough to plan our own outfits, suitcases, accessories, tickets, hotel details, where to eat and so on. Then take all of that stress and add KIDS to the mix. What will they wear, will they like the food, is it safe, can they handle that length of a plane ride?! The mind races with all these thoughts. 

Picnic at Stadtpark in Vienna

 But before you decide to put off that trip to Europe until they are grown I urge you to reconsider. It can be done. I know this because I did it and better yet, I will continue to do IT! I  LOVE traveling with my daughter.

Arriving at our apartment in Rome

So here’s my situation.  I am a single mom and when I say single I don’t mean I have another parent to leave my daughter with much less a family member to have her either. Those people are all busy. So if I want to travel well I either have to wait till she’s grown or take her along for the journey. The ladder is exactly what I decided on. 

Honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I don’t want to travel without her. We are a tight pair her and I. She really is my bestie. The love of my life and when I see something beautiful I want her to see it too. 

 Prior to doing any sort of travel. I was filled with anxiety about taking even short trips. But the funny thing is about our brains is that once you jump, you get braver for that next jump and so on. I began our traveling with small trips to San Diego and Los Angeles for yearly trips to Disney. At first these short plane rides made my palms sweat. I was responsible for all luggage with her being so little and every single detail of our trip was on me. 

Grabbing a quick lunch in Vienna

 I recall rolling two suitcases, holding my purse and directing her down the aisle of the airplanes we boarded many times. Yes, you will find the rude travelers who give you looks. You know the ones, they are in a hurry and god forbid you take an extra twenty seconds to hoist your suitcase into the over head. But I say,  let them be miserable people. There are the sweet courteous people out there that will help a momma get her bag from the across overhead too so truly it’s not all that bad.

When going further came to mind, it didn’t help that each person I would come into contact with and told I wanted to travel the whole world with my daughter now and not in the future would give me the look of “are you f&%$ing crazy”?! Then proceed to tell me about the movie “Taken”. You gotta love people.  But that didn’t stop me and it shouldn’t stop you. 

Freshening up in our hotel after arriving in Austria

What you must know is your kids will go along with any ride you take them on. Any of life’s adventures. It actually teaches them to be more open minded about food and other cultures. 

Lunch in Rome near Trevi Fountain

I will NEVER forget being at Barceloneta Beach and watching her swim in the Meditteranean. Watching her face as the bare chested ladies walked by was hysterical to say the least. It’s actually quite liberating to be around people who aren’t ashamed of their bodies. 

Cab ride in Barcelona on the way to Barceloneta Beach

Shopping in grocery stores where you don’t know the language is quite an experience as well. My daughter jumps in fully and picks up on the words used by the locals. Standing at the grocery counter in Rome my daughter excitedly placed our food items on the belt and explained confidently “Ciao!” and handed over her euro. 

Entertainment on the Plane

Some tips I would like to give ahead of this experience. The plane ride is LONG however, they have a ton of movies to watch. We make it a game of how many movies can we watch before were there. You can sync the movies so your watching the same ones together on your screens too. The kids get excited for the meals served too. Most airlines will bring you several small course items throughout the ride. Just be sure to double check with the airline you choose or bring back up snacks so your prepared for anything.

Seats for the long ride

I would highly suggest when you pick your seats, make sure you pick the two seats on the plane and sit in pairs if you have a significant other. That way each of you has a child to sit with and your all together for bathroom breaks during these flights. On one of our trips back we failed to do this and were sitting in a three row section with another person. They climbed over us several times and it was not near as comfy as the two seats together we sat in to get there.

If your a mom by yourself with two children then the three seats together works perfect so you’ll just want to make sure your in the three seat rows without an aisle separating you. I like to also make sure we are near the bathroom. Depending how old your kids are, I like to be able to see mine from my seat if they need to go and mines too old to be walked there.

Train ride to Florence


I am part of a travel group online. Before going I got a ton of travel tips that I wasn’t quite sure were necessary or not. Some actually weren’t but this one was super helpful. That is to fit everything in a carryon luggage. For planes each person gets a roller bag (standard is 14 x 22 including handle and wheels) and a personal bag. 

For kids, I find  a backpack is perfect that they can wear to  help carry the load at the same time have hands free so they can be responsible for their roller bag. Packing light with carryon  helps with time, and there’s no risk of the airline losing your luggage! Yicks! I can’t imagine that and I am sure its as awful as it sounds. 

 On our most recent trip I was beyond proud to have fit 14 days worth of clothing into each of our bags by rolling the clothes tightly. Make sure to buy travel size lotions and soaps or you can buy the containers (3 oz) and fill those up.  But don’t go too crazy here, Just remember that they have stores pretty much anywhere in Europe that you can buy toiletries at. I found them cheaper than here and it’s a fun experience shopping in one.  

Safety first

 I purchased a fanny pack for my daughter to wear and I put a cell phone in it  to have just in case we got separated. I had terrible nightmares about this happening and I am sure now that I have brought it up you will too so I apologize but take my tip here and we can both be at ease of it happening.


Hitting the streets of Rome with her fanny pack

I also placed a 20 euro bill in there and an extra battery charger for both phones. This way if something happened to my bag we would have enough money to get back to our room. And of course another phone to help us navigate. The fanny pack works great too.  I didn’t want her fumbling with a phone and knew that if she had the pack on it was hands free and on her at all times. So whenever we went out I’d say, get your funny and we were off. 

 Side note: Tmobile works great in Europe and actually they don’t charge for the service there. You simply put your phone on roaming when you arrive and your phone will send you a text when you arrive.

Things to do

Depending on their ages, I would highly suggest making sure you make time for kid appropriate stuff too. Your kids are going to get BORED if all you do is make time for a museum filled, walking expedition. Instead opt for  both. Do a museum, a fun lunch and then check out the local zoo. Now I know you might be thinking, I am not traveling all that way for a zoo but trust me on this one.

 We have been to Le Aquarium in Barcelona and the Vienna Zoo in Austria. Both were amazing experiences. We were among all the city folk as most tourists don’t visit these sites when traveling so it was like we were one of the locals having a day out. Kids are much more happier when you mix things up like that.

Schönbrunn zoo in Vienna

 In Rome, we added a last minute pizza making class to our itinerary and it was just what my daughter needed to get excited for the trip.

I made the mistake earlier in the day walking the city to all the tourist sites I was told to visit only to look over and see her tired face.

 It was clear she was not having fun  and that was not what we came to experience. So I went back to the room and did some googling. Found the class on trip advisor and headed there for dinner that night.  It was a lot of fun and the added bonus was that there were other families we got to hang out with during. 

SO add these in and don’t over book yourselves. One museum, lunch and a fun place or activity for the kids. Then dinner is the perfect recipe for trips like these I find. 

I really truly hope you consider traveling with your children. If they are a tad on the young side, it won’t be long before they are able to help out a bit more on these trips.

 Travel expands their horizons, and opens the world up to them. They see new people, hear different languages and taste new foods. 

My daughter and I talk a lot about our travels. Looking back on even the grumpy not so fun moments and having a laugh. Its has been quite a time with lots of bonding and memories that will last a lifetime.

 Safe travels!


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