The Real Benefits of Homeownership

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To every bird, Its own nest is beautiful


The title of this post may suggest that I would speak to you about the financial gain or wealth building that occurs when you become a homeowner. After all, I am a Realtor and that’s the information I am expected to give right?

Here’s some I’ll mention for the sake of it…

Yes you can build your own wealth instead of someone elses (like when you pay rent), yes you get a great tax write off, and yes you lock in your housing costs by owning.

I can continue with these fun facts but I think these are all givens. They are things we know and yet aren’t really as appealing as the emotional side of home ownership. Its this that affect our day to day lives. 

That impact to our well being

After working with dozens of homeowners who all rejoiced in the ritual of me handing over their keys equally,  it was only after I bought my first house on my own that I truly understood the importance of this purchase. 

I remember my drive to sign my papers like it was earlier today. A vivid memory I look back on and smile at. Driving over the bridge, The Buttes had never looked more beautiful to me. I was on a cloud, this was finally happening. 

You see your home really is your nest. Memories for years to come will be made here. You will possibly raise children, add new pets to your tribe  and hold family gatherings in these walls. 

This house will be part of some of your fondest memories of life and with those, possibly some of your darkest ones. You may find this a place for you to recover from the world in hard times.

But at the end of any day, no matter how it went, you own your very own corner of the world. You find comfort here and a sense of belonging that just didn’t come with those apartments you rented. 

This one location you drive home from work to day after day is yours.

This is the fundamental difference in owning versus renting. That feeling you get when you stand in your home after a project is completed or have that long day and pull into your driveway to realize why you work so hard. You are paying a mortgage.

Suddenly that payment you send in every month isn’t nearly as annoying as your rent was because you know this payment is going to your future. 

When I am home I feel a sense of gratitude and joy for the walls around me. I look and see far more than just decorations. I see the hard work that went into the dozens of projects and changes that I was able to make to my home to make it well, mine.

 I see the women who said she would buy her family a home and did. I see the work that it took to make that very desire become a reality. I see my future. 

As Americans we can incur a grotesque amount of debt in our lifetimes. Let your home be one that pays you back both in sentiment and in revenue for the latter part of your life or possibly sooner. 

The road to homeownership is different for all of us. But the fundamental parts remain the same. We feel elated on our drive to the title office to sign, nervous throughout the process, anxious for our keys.

I believe each of us has stood in our empty houses at some point before the moving trucks arrived and felt a deep sense of contentment.  We finally DID it!

If you are not quite there yet, these are the things to look forward too. It goes well beyond any financial gain, I promise you. 

Moments like these are some of the best ones of life. They are milestones to be conquered. The financial part, well that’s just an added bonus.


Sharing is Caring

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