• sourdough french toast in a skillet
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    Sourdough French Toast Bake

    This Sourdough French Toast Bake is a delicious bread, egg, and milk mixture baked up into a casserole style french toast. It is the perfect way to use up left over loaves of sourdough bread. Aside from the sourdough world, I…

  • sourdough pizza dough
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    Sourdough Pizza Dough

    Sourdough Pizza Dough is a make ahead pizza dough that has a delicious sourdough flavor and is made using a sourdough starter. A few years back I began learning about sourdough. It had been something I had very little knowledge of…

  • creamed spinach on a white plate
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    Creamed Spinach With Garlic

    Creamed Spinach With Garlic is a creamy, simple spinach with lots of flavor. Spring has sprung! I am already harvesting large batches of spinach which almost seems like cheating with our California weather compared to other parts of the country. Spinach…