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Prepping the Home For Fall | Fall at Our Farmhouse

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Prepping the home for Fall is one of my favorite times of year as a homemaker. The temps are cooling off and the beautiful Fall colors are upon us. It is time to bring it inside and cozy up.

There is not a dust bunny safe in my house. I am on a fall cleaning kick and I am not exactly sure that is a thing or not. I have mostly only ever heard of a spring cleaning. But nevertheless, it’s happening here.

I have been super charged with work (real estate) and the beginning of our third year of homeschooling. YIKES!!  Which basically means there has been less of me to go around these past few weeks.

But this blog means alot and the messages and connections I receive here are so much appreciated. It’s an amazing thing to connect with like minded people from all over. 

No matter what life throws at us, a seasons change is signaficant. Even if they involve dust bunnies. As they often do.

Prepping the home for fall is a process. But with Fall comes the leaves turning their beautiful colors, the cooler weather, and rainy days spent inside.

prepping for fall with drying flowers on a table

Home making is a great love of mine and that’s where the dust bunnies come in or hopefully out to better phrase that. I have been going room to room, decluttering, organizing, dusting and updating all our spaces like a madwoman. 

When the piano lessons are going, you can find me in the background rampaging through an untouched area of our home and leaving it redecorated and refreshed. 

But one thing I have to wonder is how in the HECK does a clean on the daily home have so many dust balls hiding?? How is that possible? 

I vacuum DAILY! The entire house. Not because I am trying to be impressive but out of necessity. (we have a German Shepherd) oh Mr. Hans. Sigh, you come with a great deal of work my boy. 

But I have happened on a place to find comfort in during these trying times and that is to create an even cozier, happier home. 

I went ahead and invested in 100% organic cotton bedding for both of us and gone are the made in China garbage I once settled for. I want better quality things these days.

prepping for fall with a a couch with flannel, pine cones and a coffee table \
a coat hook hung for coats for prepping for fall

Not several cheaply made things that come apart at the seams. I want quality, I want comfort and I want the USA made whenever possible. 

The investment to make things more quality might bite a bit at first, but let me tell you, after a long day’s work, the softness calls both our names. Those mornings of being snuggled in our beds are worth every penny. 

prepping for fall with clean cream colored bedding

We seem to be in our homes now more than ever, I have this drive to make mine all that it can be. 

I have redone the kitchen that would make the creators of “Design on a Dime” do a double take. It was done on a very minimal budget but has the look of an old world space. This one will take a blog post of its own. 

Our bedrooms are revamped, and right as we speak my office/bonus room is getting its time.

I am writing check marks all over this house signifying another room DONE! It feels amazing! 

a bed made with cream and pink accents preppingfor fall

So I say, bring on the crisp fall days, the warm mornings spent at our table or curled up in our soft beds reading. The warm coffee, the rainy day movies. I want all the feels of fall and none of the dust bunnies.

Bring forth all good things and memorable times. Let’s rejoice in the season ahead. 

preppering for fall with a vase with pine cones

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