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Perceptions and Winter

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Its officially our second winter here in our home. Really, where is the time going? Each day seems to go by without notice of real time  passing. Until one day you realize it’s been an entire years worth of days gone by.

Winters before now have been bleak times where I found myself eating snacks out of boredom drowning in old movies trying to keep myself occupied until the rain let up.  It is only now that I am, dare I say, Thriving in the winter. Wait, what? Me thriving in winter?? Crazy things do happen, don’t they? Although I still avoid driving in the rain at all costs,to me that has always had a big NO THANK YOU written all over it.

I find perception in life is everything. Could it be my way of looking at winter was what lead me to any somber feelings I had held before? Well, OF COURSE it was! Darn brain of mine! Perception will get you every time. In fact perception is what has me writing this now, because it is with a new one I am able to thrive on these dreary days.

 I look at the leaves blowing on the ground, the wet branches whipping away on the trees and see a time of rest for all. Including us humans. We are after all apart of the natural world. I was reminded of this fact recently and when winter hit, I decided this time that rest would be welcomed.

I think people tend to forget this and instead find themselves stressing over holiday fuss or feeling depressed during these times. The lack of sunshine, the traffic during the rain and there is a distinct chill in the air that is hard to ignore. 

Yet this time gives us cozyness, tea, warmth by the fire, and above all reflection on the year passed. Time to appreciate and plan ahead for things in the coming times. If this past year wasn’t what you wanted, please keep in mind that any failure you had is and will be apart of the journey towards success whatever that may be for you.

This year for me, well, for us, I should say. My daughter and I. It has been tremendous. We have had great adventures together. Exploring the streets of Europe, daring to use the buses and subways not knowing the language spoken. We have survived homeschooled another year. We have created a new way of life  for us too. One where the sound of chickens clucking and dirt under our nails is the new norm. 

My oven and stove top have seen cleaner days. Being inside is a great excuse to create more recipes for the blog and so once one mess is cleaned, another quickly is made. The badge of a home cook is a messy stove I suppose, that and my filthy apron that needs washing. Yet I refuse cause its my favorite. 

I am not always inside of course. Having animals will force you to bear the literal storm. My muddy rain boots seem to have found a permanent home near the back door. When I make my way to the back of my property I am always greeted by the hens and that greeting makes the work bearable for me. The site of me means FOOD! So there is a lot of craziness when I make an appearance. I can’t say I blame them for the excitement, after all who doesn’t want food?!  The site of me I imagine is likely similar to the waiter coming to the table with food after a long wait. 

Each time I venture out for my morning chore I notice a calmness that wasn’t there before even amidst a storm. Well it was always there, my perception just didn’t allow me to see it. Nature is at rest. The trees seem to be asleep too. There is nothing more beautiful than savoring that calmness and taking a walk around through the leaves, under the trees. Letting your mind be still among the natural world. 

I want more of this calmness. It’s so peaceful.

Once spring is here, life will burst back into full swing but now, my plants all rest under the leaf bed made from my trees. I know they will come to life in just a few short months. The landscape will renew itself and be completely transformed from its current gloomy state.

 Oh how I look forward to seeing those bulbs I planted!

I suppose this same transformation comes to us as well. That is if our perception allows us to see winters gift to us. As we sit inside our homes where we await the storm. My hope is that we see it as an opportunity to rest, recharge and come back renewed as God intended. 


Sharing is Caring

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