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Quaint Living: Inside Our Farmhouse

Our French Farmhouse

Sharing is Caring

Our homes are unique spaces that take on the personality of those who inhabit its walls. Some work at cultivating their space more then others. But I think something we can all agree on is the cozy feeling you get  being inside a nice welcoming place. For my daughter and I we spend most of our time in our home.

Whether I am out in the garden, sitting at our dining table giving a lesson or cooking a meal, I want all parts of our home and life to feel special. I am the mom who lights candles on a Tuesday night dinner, I like to  “plate” our food, and have cut flowers on the table. To me, these times we spend together are special moments. In fact they have been the joy of my life. So I will use the pretty plates, the cloth napkins and make a beautiful meal any night of the week not to celebrate anything in particular but just to make these cherished times feel even more special as we sit together. I have always loved interior decorating but this has more to do with personality then it does any one material item.

This country looking home on a quiet street found me and has contributed to the change in me somehow. If you have known me for any length of time, you would be shocked to find me spending my days in the chicken pin talking to a flock of birds or pulling weeds with a giant hat on my head. But it has turned into a life I love and never knew I wanted. Our backyard is home to 6 six sweet chickens, and a potager style garden in the making that is a daily effort.

A potager style garden in case you are wondering is a French style of gardening that marries beauty with food. Its made up of flowers living among veggies. A place where one day I will cut my flowers for my dinner table and gather the food that will be served. I dream of the garden parties I will host, sharing this beautiful space with those that I love. 

As all gardens go, this is a work in progress and patience is all that it asks from me. That and lots of weed pulling. This mini backyard farm is filled with life and feels almost like you have stepped back into a simpler time when your in it. It has inspired me to bring that concept throughout our home with a French farmhouse concept. I havent had to do much to it as this home has had a country feel from the start. With its 1951 body, the cutouts in the walls and the archways I have grown to love. It is true that the brass pots, beautiful vases and lots of vintage linens that decorate our space give it an added touch.

Lucky for me these are all incredibly easy to find inside our local thrift stores which then also carries the added bonus of being both cost effective and a feel good purchase as I am finding new life for these items. I have been going room by room removing all signs of modern, the printed pictures and the Ikea furniture have no place here. One day it will be as I imagine, but there is joy in the dream of it. I hope there is a uniqueness in your home that gives you great joy each day and if not, I encourage you to think of small ways it could be then begin from there. 


Sharing is Caring

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