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I have been told there is a love language in each of us. This is to say that each person on this planet shows their love in a specific way, and if you are not paying attention you can miss it. So with all the ways there is to say I love you, mine is found in the doing. Lighting a candle at dinner, making sure my loved one is comfortable, that they have what they need and yes there will be cooking. If I have cooked for you, truth be told, I love you. Friend, man or child, you are loved by me if you have eaten here. 

I have been asked by those who shall remain nameless in this, to cook a meal. If they were reading this they’d know now why I had refused. It is absolutely a labor of love to me and when you sit with a person to eat the meal you prepared special for them, its that much more significant. Aside from my garden, my favorite place to be is in the kitchen. MY kitchen as I call it. No matter what or who lives here, it shall remain mine as it is my workshop.  My space to create

For me there is no happier place than here with a glass of wine, the sound of beautiful music, an apron on, preparing a meal for someone I love. Most days this is my daughter, she eats well. She deserves too with as special as she is. I have been in awe of this soul since I laid eyes on her. But I gush when I speak of her and can go on forever about my love for her. So I will spare you this time. 

When you stand in over a hot skillet or pot, adding items as you go, the aroma fills the air. The home suddenly becomes even more cozier and hungry mouths follow the smell to inquire about its timing. As you may have guessed through past reading, we set the table in our house. I believe in this. Eating from a real dish, with a real napkin with gentle lighting from a candle can make even the most boring meal memorable. It doesn’t take much effort honestly so why not take the small extra step?

Admittedly I wasn’t always the cook I am today. Through many years of trial and error, of serving up unidentifiable plates of food to those willing to eat it, did I gain the knowledge of cooking. The knowledge and the love for it.

I think you have to be willing to fail in order to succeed at anything worth doing. I write recipes that I find easy to follow and to recreate. At least that is part of  my goal when writing them. The other part is to make great food and to share it with others maybe as inspiration as I have found in other great cooks.

People inspiring other people to live bolder, happier, more fulfilling lives. I find I am drawn to those who inspire and share their gifts. After all, what is life if we keep them to ourselves?  Cooking is one of mine that I share here. In hopes that you find a bit of inspiration or if nothing else, a new recipe to try. 


Sharing is Caring

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