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My Fall Garden Plans & The Battle of the Squirrels

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We made it to Friday once again. My daughters favorite day of the week because as she puts it, the torture of math is over for the week. I should be offended being her math teacher but I get it kid, place values can be confusing. Yikes! Along with the school work, the house work and garden need their time too.

wattle fences with lavendar bushes

I am looking out into the pitiful garden as these fall days are upon us with the sight of the last of the plants to be pulled for winter a sad but necessary process.  The leaves are turning and blowing everywhere. This of course is FREE mulch and a great add to the compost pile so I wont complain too much on that.

 On my to do list today we have the prepping for the tulip bulbs to be planted. Going into the cold season is the perfect time to get them into the ground and tulips are one of my favorite flowers.

Oh Those Critters!

This will take more then just some digging to prep though. The war of the squirrels is fierce here. Id say in my area these have to be high up on the list of garden pests. They love to dig those little buggers and dig they do.The fresh dark dirt  seems to call them over.

Creeping thyme

Currently they are trying to get at the beautiful Red Creeping Thyme we have planted . However, for now I have outsmarted them. And now get the added job of covering them up at night. I dream of the days I can cut those awful trees down that run along my fence line. These trees seem to be their hub. Who can blame them though.

The Perfect View

Not only do these trees over look the Potager area with its fresh dirt but the trees themselves supply their own feast of both mulberries and pecans. I’d say this is the perfect squirrel buffet. If I plant my tulips without covering you can be sure they will dig them up and have another kind of feast, my bulbs! I cant let this happen, or better yet, I WON’T! 

I have the last of planting for the fall this weekend. But the funny thing about gardening, is something is always added to the list. You can think you are done and then bam! It hits you that an area could use a new lavender shrub which is exactly what I did this morning. A daily ritual of mine is to walk my garden. I hand water, pull any weeds that have crept in and inspect all the plants as much as possible. This helps to keep the pests at bay.

Lavender plant

Today I noticed one of the lavender plants that I transferred to the ground from one of the pots is blooming gorgeously, completely showing off. She is so beautiful that I can’t help but to stand there and just admire her. She is bushy, bright and bursting with lavender buds.

What is so unique about plants is that you can literally have the same exact type of plant, laid in the same dirt, give the same amount of water and yet as with any other living thing. One can thrive while the other does terribly. I am trying to help her neighboring lavender plant and she seems to slowly be coming around but not with the vibrancy of this girl. I am proud of these transfers.

Its all in the planning…

 Over the weekend my plan is to get the tulips done and then continue nursing my artichokes that I started indoors. Isn’t it just exciting when your seeds burst open and become these thriving plants within days?

I am a bit late on starting these but we have a pretty mild climate here in Northern California compared to many other zones that I think they will do just fine.

I find that during these months you really need to use your imagination for what is to come for Spring. It all takes planning, careful work, time and a good plan for pests! Its all a work in progress and I wouldnt have it any other way. What are your fall garden plans?


Sharing is Caring

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